There’s one thing you keep thinking while going through Art Wolfe’s animal camouflage photographs: how on earth did he spot these wild animals himself? The amazing “Vanishing Act” wildlife photography project gives you the feeling that there’s no human presence in the animal pictures whatsoever, as the Washington-based artist captures real-life animal camouflage skills. Art, aged 61, started this project back in 1989 and published it in 2005, but still finds things to add to it:

“This collection of nature photos has been a long time in the making,” he says, “I’m still adding to the project even now.”
A fine arts and art education graduate has had highly prolific five decades of photography and publishing. Art has worked in hundreds of locations on every continent and has published at least one book every year since 1989. Today that makes a total of 80! Multiple award-winning photographer says it has always been his goal to support the conservation issues by “focusing on what’s beautiful on the Earth”.

Now, let’s see how many animals wearing their ghillie suits you can find?

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