Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's most famous athlete, and one of the handsomest as well. A bronze bust of him unveiled in his native Portugal on March 29th, however, is seriously creeping people out. Thankfully, the Internet quickly came to the rescue, and memes of the bust started falling from the sky like rain.

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Ronaldo is viewed as a hero in his hometown of Funchal, located on the Madeira Islands of Portugal. The city decided to honor him by renaming their local airport the Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, but the bust of him they unveiled at the rebranding ceremony was definitely less than honorable. The startling statue is causing online reactions from horror to hilarity, and the memes it has inspired are likely to outlive the legacy of Ronnie himself.

It's been said that Ronaldo was dubbed 'cry baby' by his childhood playmates due to his emotional responses to failure. We can only imagine how he's feeling now.

Cristiano Ronaldo's hometown just renamed their airport after him, and decided to celebrate it with him

The ceremony was going well, until they unveiled this bronze bust of the famous footballer

And then the nightmares began

Prime Minister António Costa stood there smiling like nothing was wrong, as the bust stared on from behind

Ronaldo may have been laughing and thanking everyone, but he was most likely crying on the inside

The resemblance is nothing short of uncanny... If you're blind

The Internet was quick to respond, and a legendary chain of memes unfolded (add yours below!)


Cistiano Ronaldo Statue Fail

IHaeTypos Report

varwenea 3 months ago

This PhotoShop is spot-on!! Hello Two-face!

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Cistiano Ronaldo Statue Fail

MomoYaseen Report

Richard Walker 3 months ago

okay, this is the Portuguese artists other works... painting-f...30508e.jpg painting-fresco_2316720k-58dcee530508e.jpg

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Second-hand Embarrassment

ingakorr Report

Notchimine Mette 3 months ago

Now this is what I call a Weeping Angel!

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Meanwhile, On Bbc Last Night...


Diana Tanasa 3 months ago


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Cistiano Ronaldo Statue Fail

keewa Report

Jeremie Guerra 3 months ago

HAHAHA well done!

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Cistiano Ronaldo Statue Fail

Swayam_93 Report

Lemur 3 months ago

Then the creator maybe used the wrong photo as his concept?

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We're Off To See The Wizard...



Cistiano Ronaldo Statue Fail

dah020 Report

Jana Bazoosh 3 months ago

That mysterious smile again...

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