We here at Bored Panda went on incognito mode to find out what Google Autocomplete has to say about different places in the world. We searched "Why Is [Country] So...?" for many different countries and let Google finish the sentence. From America to China to France - we searched it all and the results were pretty accurate. Keep on scrolling to take a look and find out what Google Autocomplete thinks about your country!

#1 USA


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Arnoud Lievers 1 year ago

Read some Noam Chomsky and you know! 2 out of 4 that is.

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#2 France


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#3 Russia


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BAUL SAk 1 year ago

big, bad, corrupt, homophobic...actually

#4 Australia


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Cat Lives Matter Too 5 months ago

I love Australia !

#5 Canada


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Bill KOT 1 year ago

I like the first one.

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#6 Germany


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Thomas Kolev 1 year ago

Yeah, why are we so awesome?

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#7 Iceland


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just a thought 1 year ago

Expensive and cheap ? Well , auto complete isn't good at deciding things...

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#8 United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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ViolinLover 1 year ago

Cold! That's the word! Cheers from Norway...😏

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#9 Romania


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bianca johnson 1 year ago

Poor yahoo answers? That defines the country as a whole 😂😂😂

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#10 Poland


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Dixon's Mama 1 year ago