I love potato chips, so one of my greatest dreams is to try all the possible flavors out there. This dream will probably never come true, as there are thousands or millions of different flavors to choose from, so I decided to simply make a collection of the most unusual flavors of my favorite snack.

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I always try to buy a bag of chips that looks exotic to me wherever I go. According to the internet, however, all the greatest potato chip flavors can be found in Asia and America. Here are the most unusual potato chip flavors I could find!

P.S. Some of the flavors that are strange to me, might be totally O.K. to you - different strokes for different folks!

#1 Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Brand Eating Report

DestinyRobinson 3 years ago

Is it like having chocolate syrup poured over potatoes? :-P

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#3 Borsch (beetroot Soup) Flavor

Borsch (beetroot Soup) Flavor

The Travelling Trini Report

TammySo 3 years ago

I've had it and it's really not beetroot flavored... it tastes more like beef broth since the soup is cooked in beef with other vegetables

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#4 Pigs In Blankets Flavor

Pigs In Blankets Flavor

Reddit Report

CJ Samurai 3 years ago

I want to try that

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#7 Wasabi Ginger Flavor

Wasabi Ginger Flavor

SA_Steve Report

MariSweeting 3 years ago

I buy this all the time. DELICIOUS.

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#10 Brie Flavor

Brie Flavor

WW For Life Report

IskandarAzani 3 years ago

Camembert, actually.

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#11 Mint Mischief Flavor

Mint Mischief Flavor

Anna Report

AmieLeBlanc 3 years ago

Chips that give you fresh breath? Brilliant!

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#12 Cinnamon Bun Flavor

Cinnamon Bun Flavor

Sean's Adventures in Flavor Town Report

DestinyRobinson 3 years ago

Hahahahah I wonder... hey, do these get sold in your local Walmart? I will try every kind

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#13 Pickles Flavour (romania)

Pickles Flavour (romania)


Kirsty Clarke 3 years ago

i guess they just taste like pickled onion...right?

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#14 Chicken & Waffles Flavor

Chicken & Waffles Flavor

ramenatoror Report

MaryIngramFinney 3 years ago

I wasn't thrilled. I'd rather have the real thing.

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#15 Octopus Flavor

Octopus Flavor

Bob Canada Report

DestinyRobinson 3 years ago

Ew I've never even tried regular octopus and why would you wanna kill such a beaut?

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#16 Shaworma Cu De Toate

Shaworma Cu De Toate


Ishzark Klyon 11 months ago

looks like burrito chips

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#17 Cappuccino Flavor

Cappuccino Flavor

The Tampa Tribune Report

toadstool46 3 years ago

I tried these. Horrible, I gave them to the dog. He didn't like them either and he eats rabbit crap.

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#19 Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry Flavor

SeattleFlyerGuy Report

DestinyRobinson 3 years ago

YUCKY I love blueberries but chip-style? NO

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#21 Cheeseburger Chips (romania)

Cheeseburger Chips (romania)


Suhailee De Jesus 8 months ago

Pringles has this flavor ehhh taste ok

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#22 Ghost Pepper

Ghost Pepper


Noah Waddell 1 year ago


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#24 Chips With Grilled Minced Meat Rolls (romania)

Chips With Grilled Minced Meat Rolls (romania)


Eric Almog 1 year ago

From Romania mititei are delicious but i never had these... o.o

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#25 Whisky & Haggis

Whisky & Haggis

www.mackiescrisps.co.uk Report

Hina Suhag 1 year ago

Yoghurt and Herb flavour Turkish from Lays is amazing

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