After two members of the Bored Panda team traveled to Romania on vacation, they were absolutely inspired by this country. This often-overlooked tourist destination is a hidden gem filled with beautiful forests, regal castles and epic mountains.

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Owing to its rich medieval history, Romania is positively saturated with beautiful castles in various states of repair. The country also has a huge amount of undisturbed forest (and the largest population of brown bears in Europe), making it a great destination for nature lovers. With the Carpathian mountains running through the center of the country, the combination makes for some unforgettably memorable views.

If you're from Romania or if you've been there on vacation, we'd love to see your favorite sights! And don't forget to vote for your favorite photos on this list.

#5 Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Mountains

Dumitru Doru Report

KarinArcas 3 years ago

Whaou.... Is it a dream ?

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#8 Ceahlau


Lazar Ovidiu Report

KrasimirChurov 3 years ago

This is amazing <3

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#9 Maramures



AdrianPopan 3 years ago

This image belongs to me, I am the author and owner of all copyrights. Please indicate it as such or remove it at once.

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#10 Bran (dracula) Castle

Bran (dracula) Castle Report

BarbaraDelahunty 3 years ago

Bran Castle, one of my favourite spots

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#13 Rodnei Mountains, Romania

Rodnei Mountains, Romania

Zsolt Kiss Report

FlorinUlar 3 years ago

I grew up in these mountains. These flowers (Rhododendron) have a wonderful flavor, my mother used them to make a delicious syrup or jelly.

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#14 Peles Castle

Peles Castle

Nora De Angelli Report

PaulaBecerra 3 years ago

My dream, yes!

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#16 Retezat National Park, Carpathians

Retezat National Park, Carpathians

Janos Gaspar Report

AndroneOlimpiu 3 years ago

That is Bucura lake. Is a glacier formation.

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#17 Rodnei


Lazar Ovidiu Report

HimanshuPanchal 3 years ago


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#18 Apuseni Mountains

Apuseni Mountains

Stan Cosmin Ovidiu Report

MegaWirasetra 3 years ago

i can see the tiny house right there,,,

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#20 Brasov


Ana Malina Report

MaureenDaniels 3 years ago

Starting at the top of this picture you could not guess that it will end in traffic! I loved being able to view it this way.

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#21 Sighişoara

Sighişoara Report

FrankBarba 3 years ago

excelente los callejones me encantan

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#22 Mountain Road

Mountain Road

Ioan Balasanu Report

AdrianTanasa 3 years ago

Thank you for adding these beautifull pictures. I sometimes forget why I still live here :)

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