This photo of a cheerful possum spotted in a bush around Opotiki, New Zealand has sparked a hilarious photoshop battle that will surely crack you up.

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A reddit user by the name of 'Stretlaw' says his stepdad was hunting when this little marsupial came out of nowhere. No worries - nothing happened to the upbeat animal, he's still there, enjoying the wildlife.

We're so glad the optimistic possum showed up, cause honestly - this photoshop thread is just what we needed this week. Don't forget that you too can join the battle by posting a picture below.

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optimistic-opossum-new-zealand-33Download Original | Download Cutout

#2 When You Forget What You Are Celebrating

When You Forget What You Are Celebrating


Hatsune Chiku 1 year ago

Let's celebrate that we survived another week and made it to Friday.

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#5 Playing Dead (pool)

Playing Dead (pool)

DrWankalot Report

Jasmine Chen 1 year ago

first one that make me laugh

#6 Selfie With Friends

Selfie With Friends

andr3azx Report

Eglė Liubinaitė 1 year ago


#7 Having Fun With Homies

Having Fun With Homies

Zikreload Report

Socially Awkward 1 year ago


#9 Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017!

nerdyitguy Report

Socially Awkward 1 year ago

This one made me laugh

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