Possums and opossums look almost identical, however, they're different species. Possums are found in Australia, while opossums inhabit the US. It would be hard to believe looking at their photos, but these marsupials are generally disliked and considered pests.

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I mean, come on, how could you not like them? Be it possum or opossum, they are both oh-so-adorable! What do you think? Vote for and comment on the pics below to let us know! You can upload your photos, too.

#1 Australian Western Pygmy Possum

Australian Western Pygmy Possum

pumpychowdown Report

JeanneDeaux 2 years ago

Look at these whiskers! Almost the size of the whole beast. ^_^

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#2 Baby Opossums Hanging From Branch

Baby Opossums Hanging From Branch


Debbie 2 years ago

Oh my......So cute!!!

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#4 Happy Possum

Happy Possum

OryxTheJimmy Report

MariaZimmerhackl 2 years ago

Omg this big ears are sooo cute! *.*

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#5 Possum Mom

Possum Mom

Frank Lukasseck Report

Debbie 2 years ago

What a fantastic photo!!!! This should have been number one on this list!!!

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#6 Pygmy Possum

Pygmy Possum

Peter Hastwell Report

SiridKellermann 2 years ago

It's Dobby the house elf!!

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#7 Baby Opossum

Baby Opossum

Baby Opossum Baby Opossum

Steve Greer Report

RoyVargasYáñez 2 years ago

Se ven preciosas o están padre

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#9 Baby Possum

Baby Possum


SriHarsha 2 years ago

I like those eyes.. So dark and evil <3

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#12 Orphaned Baby Possum Sleeping

Orphaned Baby Possum Sleeping

Beauty Report

TessaYounger 2 years ago

So sweet! Little baby =)

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#14 Ever Feel Really Weighed Down?

Ever Feel Really Weighed Down?

Jeanette DiAnda Report

Debbie 2 years ago

"And you think you've got problems"??

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