Photoshop is such a handy tool, perfect for airbrushing away and flaws or mistakes in otherwise perfect images. Sure, in the wrong hands a skillful photoshopper can use it for nefarious purposes, deceiving people with false impressions and creating unhealthy body image.

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The people behind these Photoshop fails however, are neither skillful nor nefarious. They simply suck at Photoshop. How these mistakes got past editing and out into the public is a real mystery! Scroll down to check them out below in a list compiled by Bored Panda. They are so hilariously bad, they’re good!

#7 The Arm... Oh God...

The Arm... Oh God...

Forger62 Report

Tamara Laney 1 week ago

1 Membership--1 Price---Unlimited Freaky Appendages..What a deal!

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#8 Mysterious Leg

Mysterious Leg

richard96050446 Report

Daria B 1 week ago

Ghosts in east Asian horror films and cartoons do these things often. So, perhaps....... *mistery music in the background*

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