#3 Magnificent Magnolias

Magnificent Magnolias

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JessicaJenney 3 years ago

This work is copyright Jessica Jenney

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#5 Cotton Tree

Cotton Tree

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3 years ago

There are "Two Lovers" the dogs soooo sweet and cute just enjoying this amazing view of nature.

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#6 Tree Of Tule - Over 2,000 Yrs. Old

Tree Of Tule - Over 2,000 Yrs. Old

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Aurimas Steponavičius 3 years ago


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#7 Moss Trees Of Avery Island Lousiana

Moss Trees Of Avery Island Lousiana


ChuckKuhn 3 years ago

I'm the photographer of this photo. Chuck Kuhn Photography. Give credit as this is copyrighted.

#9 Lapacho Tree - Paraguay

Lapacho Tree - Paraguay


Michelle Hartsock 3 years ago

Such vibrant colour! It's absolutely STUNNING. I want a dress that colour now, or maybe just a shirt. Holy wow!

#13 Purple-ipê, Brazil

Purple-ipê, Brazil


Sandy Shadwell 3 years ago

This looks like a Jacaranda

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#18 Bhaktapur Nepal

Bhaktapur Nepal


LyoneFein 3 years ago

No, this is one tree. A very ancient tree that has been made into a shrine

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#20 Animal Kingdom Tree Florida

Animal Kingdom Tree Florida


Jamie Acree 3 years ago

It may be fake, but you gotta admit it is pretty intriguing.

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