It’s not just couples that get cute matching tattoos. Siblings, roommates, and pretty much anyone who doesn't want to forget another person gets inked together. Some matching tattoo ideas contain meaningful quotes, while others are all about visuals. 

Still, these tattoo ideas fully express their intended meanings only when the two people are together. As getting a matching tattoo is a life-lasting decision for you and your partner in crime, make sure you both think through every detail.

As clever and creative as they are, complementary tattoos can range from minimalist and fine lines to bold and colorful ways to show your commitment. Looking for inspiration from sun and moon, butterfly, or avocado tattoos? We have you covered, whatever symbolizes love for you!

How Do I Find My Tattoo Inspo?

Suppose you are willing to get new matching ink, as in any other case, would you still be here, reading? In this case, you should consider the meaning, design style, size, and placement. Probably, the best help for deciding comes with inspiration!

Bored Panda has compiled some of the best matching tattoo ideas to share with the person you love, so keep scrolling down, upvote your favorites, and let us know in the comments if you’re thinking about getting inked!


Got To Spend Some Proper Time With My Little Sis After A Long Time. We Got Tattoos For Old Times Sake

Tom and Jerry leg tattoos

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Sibling Tattoos

Sibling hand holding a red thread collarbone tattoo

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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Its a Chinese Proverb about "An invisible red thread that connects those destined to meet despite the time, the place, and despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangled, but will never be broken"

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What Do Matching Tattoos Mean?

Matching tattoos expresses true love, connection, and commitment to someone important to you. Tattoos like matching can mean different things depending on the personal connection, the design, and the intention of the people who get them. Ultimately, matching tattoos are a personal and creative way of expressing your bond with someone who matters to you. 

  • Love and romance. As a love symbol, cute matching tattoos can symbolize your love and devotion to your partner, spouse, or lover. 
  • Friendship and loyalty. Identical body art symbolizes friendship and loyalty to your best friend, sibling, or colleague. 
  • Identity and belonging. Matching tattoos represent one’s identity and belonging to a group, family, or culture. 

Really Clever Best Friend Tattoo

Girl listening to other girl leg tattoos

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Aud Wey
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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

They are both listening though. 🙄 I got one with my sister, I am the one who is talking through the box 😉

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A Lighthouse For Him To Guard Her Way, And A Travelling Little Ship For Her To Sail

Lighthouse and boat cheekbone tattoos

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Some Sailing Tattoos For This Couple. Good Luck On Your Adventures

Simple boat and anchor hand tattoos

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Couple Matching Tattoo Ideas

Chances are, most matching tattoos that you’ve seen belong to couples. Cute matching couple tattoos encompass all the qualities and symbols that are personal to lovers, an intimate ink language that only they know. While there are countless options for matching couples’ body art, the final choice ultimately lies within their strong relationship.

What emblems, animals, and quotes best sum up their feelings, shared values, and interests? Maybe there’s a particular date or occasion they want to commemorate, or perhaps an inside joke? Whatever two soulmates select, it’s their little secret.

One of the most unique couple matching tattoo ideas is a ring finger. Finger tattoos represent a deep, true relationship. Many couples get cute matching tattoos instead of classic rings to signify their wedding. As these tattoos last forever, isn't this choice a perfect way to say, “Yes, till death splits us apart!”? Doubtless, this kind of matching tattoo for couples symbolizes infinity and devotion, not some pinky promises.


Matching Tattoos With A Quote From Harry Potter

Harry potter quote hand tattoos

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Fingerprint Hearts

Small finger print hand tattoos

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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I wonder if the artist actually looked at the fingerprint of the person to make the tattoo?

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Matching Tattoo Ideas for Friends

Looking for matching tattoo ideas for friends? Cute matching tattoos are also popular among best friends who want to prove to the world that their bond is forever. In fact, even stars like Kylie Jenner and her BFF Jordyn Woods have red “M” initials on their pinky fingers. What the letter stands for is still unknown to the general public, but true friends keep each other’s secrets.

Instead of buying all those material things, BFFs who choose to get unique tattoos show that whatever happens, they will always be in each other’s hearts. A matching set of tattoos represents this unbreakable bond. For example, some besties get matching tattoos of their favorite cartoon character, hobby, joke, or simply matching hearts, lotus, and smiley faces.

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Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos

Single line moon and sun hand tattoos

plathtattoo Report

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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This is gorgeous. I would love to have a tattoo. Except, I don't want a tattoo... Does that make sense?

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Matching Tattoo Ideas for Sisters and Family Members

For certain families out there, there’s just nothing better than having an older or younger sibling. Sure, you get into big fights sometimes, and maybe they get so out of control that you wish you could trade them away, but deep down inside, the connection that you have with your brother or sister isn't like any other.

It’s one-of-a-kind. It’s permanent. And what better way is there to show exactly how much you love and appreciate your relationship than getting a tattoo that’s also very painful and permanent? 

If you’re looking for matching tattoo ideas for sisters, brothers, or family members, you are at the right place. Look around and choose from bold to minimal tattoos representing your family crest, flag, or religious symbol.


Super Cute Coffee Cups For This Couple

Small coffee mug hand tattoos

Him: “We met on November 6th. And got engaged November 6, 10 years later.”
Her: “And we’ve been drinking coffee together ever since!”
Me: “Did you meet at a coffee shop?”
Him: “No, we met in college at the poetry club.”

jk.tat Report


Adorable Matching Astronaut And Deep Sea Diver Tattoos. The Designs Are Meant To Stand Alone To Reflect Each One’s Personal Style, But Still Look Connected When Brought Together

Colorful cosmonaut and diver hand tattoos

melissa_daye Report

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See Also on Bored Panda

Little Couple Tattoo Done On The Weekend! Each Of Them Got The Same Theme Different Placements

Colorful male and female fox hand tattoos

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5 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Fantastic Mr Fox! Such a good movie, havnt gotten around to the book yet. Though I' like have that dreaded rhyme stuck in my head for weeks. Boggis, Bunce, and Bean....

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Exploring The Queries Behind Cute Matching Tattoos

We hope these 30 adorable expressions of connection have sparked inspiration and smiles. As we complete our journey through creative ink and shared symbolism, let’s reflect on the queries about cute matching tattoos. 

Is It OK To Get A Couple Of Tattoos? 

Getting a couple of tattoos is a personal decision that depends on your preferences, budget, pain tolerance, and health. There are pros and cons to getting more than one tattoo in a day, and you should consider them carefully before choosing.


  • Saving time and money by getting multiple tattoos done in one session. 
  • Expressing your creativity and individuality by getting a few different designs.
  • Experiencing a sense of accomplishment by getting a couple of tattoos done in one day.


  • Increasing the risk of infection, inflammation, or complications by getting multiple tattoos simultaneously.
  • Experiencing more pain and discomfort by getting tattoos done at the same time.
  • Regret your decision or change your mind by getting tattoos done simultaneously, especially if you aren't sure about the design, the tattoo artist, or the placement.

What Tattoo Symbolizes Togetherness?

Many powerful symbols can represent togetherness, depending on your preference and style. You can also create a custom tattoo that reflects your meaning and story by adding names, initials, dates, or quotes. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is something that you and your partner or best friend both love and cherish.

  • Heart tattoos. The heart is a universal symbol of love and affection. It can show your connection with your partner, family, or friends. You can choose from different styles, such as realistic, geometric, and abstract.
  • Infinity tattoos. The infinity symbol is a mathematical sign representing something with no end or limit. It can be a perfect sign of your commitment to each other. 
  • Mandala tattoos. These circular designs are used in Hinduism and Buddhism as a meditation and spiritual guidance tool. They represent the harmony and balance of the universe or the connection between the self and the divine.
  • Connecting tattoos. These cute matching tattoos are designed of two halves, complementing each other when placed next to each other. They can show your compatibility, similarity, or the opposite—the contrast with your partner. Choose from themes such as puzzle pieces, lock and key, or yin and yang.

Is It Smart To Get Matching Tattoos?

As getting matching tattoos is a personal decision, there is no definitive answer to whether it is smart or not. However, before deciding, you should weigh the pros and cons.


  • Matching tattoos can show that you are serious about your relationship and willing to share a part of yourself with your partner.
  • Tattoos can be a form of self-expression and creativity. It’s a form of art, and you can choose a design that reflects your personality, interests, or values. 
  • They can be a source of pride and confidence. Tattoos can make you feel good about yourself and your appearance.


  • Matching tattoos can be a source of regret and disappointment. They are permanent, so if you break up with your partner, you will be reminded of your failed relationship. 
  • Tattoos can be a health risk and a pain. As the process involves piercing your skin with needles and injecting ink, it can cause infections, allergic reactions, scarring, or bleeding. 
  • They can be a social stigma and a career obstacle. Tattoos are still not widely accepted by some people, especially in conservative or professional settings.