In the tattoo world, Ric is an artist who is getting a lot of attention for his amazing and super-realistic designs. Known as ric.ink_ on Instagram, he has more than 1,650 followers who love his surreal and detailed tattoos. His work combines skill and creativity, making his tattoos look like real photos etched into the skin.

What makes Ric special is his ability to create tattoos with incredible texture, shading, and depth. Each piece he creates shows his meticulous attention to detail and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of tattoo art. Even with a smaller following, Ric's talent shines through in every tattoo, proving that he's a rising star in the tattoo community.

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Ric is a 29-year-old artist living in Hong Kong. He works in the creative department of a multinational advertising agency. The artist shared with Bored Panda that his journey into the world of tattoos began just a year ago, and it has already become a significant part of his life.

Ric described how his passion for art evolved: "During the pandemic, with lockdowns in place and social interactions limited, I looked for new ways to stay engaged. With traditional entertainment options unavailable, I turned to YouTube and started teaching myself to sketch. As I continued to draw, I discovered a deep passion for art."

"One day, I saw a friend with an incredible tattoo that looked like a real photo printed on his skin. It inspired me to imagine my art on someone else’s skin, traveling with them through life—like a personal exhibition that supports and symbolizes their soul."


Ric told us that he is particularly drawn to surrealism and vintage styles because they allow us to escape reality and explore dream worlds of our own making. "These styles offer a space with no limitations, criticism, or physical constraints."


"I don’t see myself merely as a tattoo artist. I consider myself a body sketcher, bringing people's dreams to life on their skin. My goal is to create unique pieces that resonate deeply with those who wear them."

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