Who doesn’t love a good prank? Well I guess that all depends on what side of the joke you're on. When it comes to mischief there are no minds that work quite like that of a child. There is something about youth that channels your inner creativity, sometimes to the chagrin of others.

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Unfortunately for the parents and family members that live with these ‘imaginative’ kids, they are often the guinea pigs for their prank ideas. Bored Panda has rounded up some hilarious pranks that kids have pulled on their families. Scroll down below to see our list and hope nobody in your own family gets any ideas. Don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Even In Sex

Even In Sex

ZiadChoukrii Report

N G 1 week ago

...and her husband was M (mediocre)

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#3 Soccer Player Gets Bamboozled By Little Kid

Soccer Player Gets Bamboozled By Little Kid

Milonade Report

JillVille 1 week ago

This is great! On both of them! Good for the soccer player, love it!

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