Happy Father's Day! There is no question that fathers play a very important role in their kid's lives. And it is also a very challenging role. Some fathers even give up on fatherhood, but others don't. They teach, they protect, they love, they are there for their children, and most importantly, they have a special bond with their children that no one else has. In honor of all the fathers in this world who made us who we are today, we share a list, compiled by Bored Panda, of beautiful photos showing fathers holding their babies.

Do you have a picture of a father holding his baby? Add it to the list and don't forget to vote!


Like Father Like Son

evaguein Report

Nini Boo 2 years ago


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Father With Baby

imgur.com Report

Mia Melberg 2 years ago

Haha that's the cutest thing I've seen in a while

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Baby Angel

Sarah Pagano Photography Report

Celine Dufraiche 2 years ago

This is my favourite.

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imgur.com Report

Sanne Voskuilen 2 years ago


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Father With Baby

Staci Brennan Photography Report

Claudia Rivas 2 years ago

Omg. His little smile :)

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Father With Baby

Leonis Davis Report

Bonnie Larkin 2 years ago


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Father With Baby


Haydée Cázares 2 years ago

"I'm going to let my breakfast right here"

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Daddy Love

Abi Porter Report

Olja Matic 2 years ago

Happy Father,s Day

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Father With Baby

Krista Evans Report

Cherylanne Saywell 2 years ago

Omg... So tiny

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