As we established earlier, falling asleep in public places is not good. Whether you're a CEO, the new guy at work or Richard Branson's employee - there will be consequences. The same goes for this girl who fell asleep in a chair at uni.

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Recently, Imgur user  theshitclockisticking uploaded a picture showing how, once again, the Internet reacted to someone falling asleep in public. The girl was photo edited into Drake's 'Hotline Bling' music video, dancing with Michael Jackson and more. Take a look at the hilarious pics below and feel free to add your own photoshopped editions to the list too.

(h/t: theshitclockisticking)


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#1 Finishing Move

Finishing Move

eemmkkaayy Report

Luca Oppenheimer 11 months ago


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#2 Break It Down!

Break It Down!


Amanda Panda 11 months ago

LMAO I love this one!

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#3 Tired Of This Shit

Tired Of This Shit

Bored Panda Report

Luis Milian 11 months ago

This one is the best!!

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#4 Art Junkie

Art Junkie

GaryCannon Report

Rasa Nekrošienė 11 months ago

Almost didn't noticed her!!! :DD

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#6 The Thinker

The Thinker


Alannah Fletcher 11 months ago

She looks like someone just told her "when I take off my clothes my shower gets turned on"

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#10 Flamingo Harmony

Flamingo Harmony


Ronja Rövardotter 11 months ago

It might seem impossible to small minds. (I am looking at you Gideon Grey) But in Zootopia anyone can be anything!!! And she is going to be...a flamingo!! :-)

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