Richard Branson just caught one of his Virgin Australia employees sleeping during work. "I popped into the office and the airport to say hello and check in to see what the team are up to," Branson wrote on his company's blog. "This guy wasn't up to much at all – I caught him sleeping on the job!"

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"Wow, did he get a shock when I woke him up. He must have thought he was dreaming because he went straight back to sleep," he added. Luckily for the employee, Branson wasn't angry with him at all. "To be fair, he was on standby, getting some much needed rest," Branson wrote.

I thought we should get to the bottom of the situation. Let's do some photoshop magic to reveal what actually happened here.


#2 Proud Dad

Proud Dad


Tom 1 year ago

haha :D

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#3 Just A Normal Day At Work...

Just A Normal Day At Work...


Antonia 1 year ago

I can't stop laughing at this :D

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#5 Richard Clearly Had His Fun With The Poor Guy

Richard Clearly Had His Fun With The Poor Guy


Celia McDaniel 1 year ago

That would have been my first reaction. Hehe

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