What is one thing on this planet that can make ANYTHING look better? Yes, the answer is googly eyes! Eye stickers on your cat's butt, eye stickers on a coffee machine, eye stickers on the tube of mayo... They make the otherwise 'dead' objects come alive. One simple sticky touch and the world looks like a much better place to be. Ok, but enough of googly praise - check it out for yourself.

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Are you into making googly eye masterpieces too? Share your pictures with Bored Panda readers by submitting the photo below.

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#3 New Exotic Animal Species

New Exotic Animal Species

Unafeyedbullyz Report

tweetybird 3 months ago

this is the most terrifying thing i have ever seen

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#4 I Don't Think My Coworker Has Noticed Yet

I Don't Think My Coworker Has Noticed Yet

BernzSed Report

boredhuman 3 months ago

My Portal sense is going through the roof.

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#5 Keurig, Say "Ahhh"

Keurig, Say "Ahhh"

riskable Report

Cathy Shift 3 months ago

this one really should have more up votes

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#6 Googly Shoe

Googly Shoe

jdunham Report

Jesus Wäre 3 months ago

Hi didly ho neighborino

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#8 Blerrhgehgiegehgg


imgur Report

John L 3 months ago

Hey, that's neat! I get my mayo that way all the time. lol!

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#9 Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes

mindsfa Report

Cathy Shift 3 months ago

much improved

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#10 So. Whatcha Doin?

So. Whatcha Doin?

billybird Report

lemontzz aide 3 months ago

the eyes have it! :D lol

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