Having run for almost 30 years (and counting!), The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom in the world.

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As with all good series, however, a number of fans will argue that things can get stale around the middle of their duration, and The Simpsons is absolutely no exception to this rule. Some say, that around seasons 10-11, the show lost its way, and became a parody of itself.

Yet this is only an opinion held by some fans, and we’d like to give a shoutout to Simpsons fanblog, FY Springfield, for upholding the idea that The Simpsons didn’t lose its way over seasons 10-11, it merely changed comic direction.

In the list below, the good people from FY Springfield have compiled a list of the best Simpsons jokes from later series, proving that one of the world’s best-loved sitcoms remains as funny as ever!

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The Simpsons


AcousticGString 2 weeks ago

LOL right?

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The Simpsons

thesimpsonswayoflife Report

Superluminal1 2 weeks ago

The truth will set you free!

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Season 20, Episode 13: "gone Maggie Gone"

ts4ever1201 Report

Hans 2 weeks ago

Most people will still obeye. Like with a red traffic light on an empty street at 3am.

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Season 22, Episode 12: "homer The Father"

suitedtoast Report

Ikkubarru Nokubuku 2 weeks ago

i just dont get it please someone explain. lol

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Season 16, Episode 13: "mobile Homer"

tomkelly519 Report

Steffen Beth 2 weeks ago

I will bet many actually believes this...

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Season 5

fyspringfield Report

cookiemonster 2 weeks ago

this one is so true! its sad

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Season 12

fyspringfield Report


Season 17, Episode 14: "bart Has Two Mommies"

yourmomschesthair Report


Season 24

fyspringfield Report

Pavel Nekoranec 2 weeks ago

This is not a joke, but one of the rare moments when Homer behave as a husband Marge deserves.

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Season 18

fyspringfield Report

Anna Brandigi 2 weeks ago

This sounds like something I would do

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