These dads prove that being manly doesn't depend on image, but on what you do. In this case, it's about letting their daughters be kids and do what kids do: play, be silly, and put make-up and ribbons on their parents!

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This collection of decorated dads will make you appreciate what a dad can really be. Are you a dad that has a daughter who's decided it might be fun to “upgrade” your look? Post your pictures below, or vote on your favorites!

(h/t: brightside)

#10 Just Being A Dad

Just Being A Dad

HeyjonA Report

hamnah 1 year ago

the table though!

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#15 Letting His Daughter Practise

Letting His Daughter Practise


SybleChristianMiller 1 year ago

She's doing a better job than I would be able to.

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#16 Having A Daughter Be Like

Having A Daughter Be Like


KimberlyShaffer 1 year ago

This made me laugh!

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