A worldwide typography project dedicated to love, art & travel. What does love look like in your city?  As a lover of travel and art, I wanted to create a project that allowed travelers to share their ideas of what love looks like in the city they are visiting (or even in the city they live in). Essentially giving the person the paintbrush to become the artist.

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What started out to be a Valentine’s Day surprise gift for my love became this worldwide project that’s made quite an impression on me. My boyfriend has always been my muse in creating art and has always been supportive of my art adventures. By picking certain words he’s made me feel what love is for the past 10 years, I hand-lettered each one and got together friends, family and friends of friends to take these words and photograph what each word in relation to love looks like in their city, hence “This type love is ______.”

Since Valentine’s Day 2014, it’s grown into something bigger. Now, users submit the city they’re traveling to or live in and provide the top 3 words that come to mind on what their location stands for. If interested in contributing, please fill out the form to receive a drawing & more instructions.

More info: dontforgetthehyphen.com | Instagram

#7 Barista Was So Passionate About His Job, Vivace Espresso, Seattle, Washinton

Barista Was So Passionate About His Job, Vivace Espresso, Seattle, Washinton

word ‘passionate’ in Seattle was of a barista at a coffee shop she always went to because the worker was so passionate about what he did – it wasn’t just a job to pay the bills for him – and that was what love looked like to her.


#12 Boston Public Park, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Public Park, Boston, Massachusetts

"Make Way for Ducklings," sculpture tribute to Robert McCloskey