Happy Holiday season to all the Pandas out there! It’s Santa Matty streaming live from the North Pole with the most unnecessary inventions that you can now gift this holiday season!

After thousands of letters requesting a holiday shop for my completely crazy inventions—I have finally decided to share some unnecessary holiday cheer this year. However, I can’t guarantee that anyone you gift these inventions to will actually speak to you ever again.

You can check out the entire Unnecessary Inventions online store at my website down below. Comment with your idea for my next Unnecessary Invention that I should create! And if you missed some of my awesomely unnecessary ideas, you can check them out here: part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8part 9part 10part 11part 12part 13part 14part 15.

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Flippin’ Mittens™️

Mittens are great during the winter, except you can never flip someone off… until now! Introducing the universe’s first pair of mittens with one solo dedicated finger that tells people how you really feel. Someone cut you off driving, slammed a door in your face, or just pissed off at the blustery weather itself—you know what to do.

Get your Flippin’ Mitten here.

The AirSticks™️

The perfect accessory for your Apple AirPods. Enjoy your favorite sushi on the go and never leave your chopsticks behind. These chopsticks simply slide onto your Apple AirPods when you need them most!

Get your AirSticks here.

The Zucker-Rug™️

Facebook for the bathroom! Thankfully, Facebook has a close watch on every aspect of our lives, except in the bathroom… until now. This revolutionary bathmat has moisture sensors to know when you shower, sound recording for the sink, and smell-o-vision for when you use the toilet—all reported back to Facebook! Why did I start getting ads for teeth whitening kits, though?!

Get your you Zucker-Rug here.

The Snackmingo™️

This is what heaven looks like—pool snacks floating all around you at all times. Meet the newest innovation in snack technology. Always have your snacks in sight with our inflatable neon flamingo and our triple-locked airtight bag that hangs underwater to keep your snacks in reach for your pruned fingers to chow down.

Get your Snackmingo here.

The Streaming Roulette Dice™️

Roll the dice and binge away! Introducing the only solution when it comes to picking what to watch on TV. Roll these four dice to select your streaming service, a movie or TV series, the genre, and which show in that category to watch. You can thank me later, I have a TV to get to!

Get your Steaming Roulette Dice here.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table™️

A lot of assembly required! Putting together furniture has always been overly tedious and our newest coffee table adds 91 more steps. The entire top of our coffee table is a mind-numbing jigsaw puzzle you must complete before using. No instructions included!

Get your Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table here.

The StubStoppers™️

It can be a construction zone trying to get around your apartment without stubbing your toes on something. Equip your big toes with these pint-sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture who’s boss!

Get your Stub Stoppers here.

The Pizza Fanny Pack™️

Precious pizza, anywhere—anytime! Strap on our futuristic fanny pack that features two transparent pouches for your favorite slices on the go! The rugged waist strap has a high-impact resistant buckle and reflector for a safe Pizza Party on the go. Extra pineapple, please!

Get your Pizza Fanny Pack here.

The Zipper Turtle Neck™️

The age-old question, to turtleneck or not to turtleneck?! Those days are finally a thing of the past. Just like your favorite zip-off pants, we have introduced this technology to everyone’s essential long-necked shirt. Head out for the day in your turtleneck shirt and simply remove the neck at any time. Who’s ready for Cold Boy Autumn?

Get your Zipper Turtle Neck here.

The Baguette Pack™️

I know, I know… FINALLY, a backpack specially designed for your delicious baguette. Hit your local bakery and pick up some steaming hot freshly baked bread knowing you will keep it safe, protected, and dry all the way home. Slide this French delicacy into our ergonomically designed pouch and cinch it up to be on your way in no time!

Get your Baguette Pack here.

The Pillow One S™️

It’s a bed for your smartphone. We all know that your phone truly works just as hard as you do. It deserves a good night’s charge.

Each Pillow One S features the softest bed your phone will ever lay down on with a secure attached fitted sheet to ensure it stays tucked in all night.

Get your Pillow One S here.

101 Unnecessary Inventions: the Book

Explore 101 products from the world of Unnecessary Inventions and step into the mind of Matty Benedetto through his unique creations that solve problems that don’t exist. 101 Unnecessary Inventions is a 200+ page softcover book featuring the gorgeous product photos and descriptions of each one of our inventions. You may even find some inventions only found within this book!

Get your 101 Unnecessary Inventions book here.

The Unnecessary Action Figure™️

The evil genius of UI is now available as an action figure! Sporting the Gator Grips and his signature deep stare, there won’t be many things you can actually do with this figurine, but he will always just be there. From gaming on the couch, brushing your teeth, and getting some work done—our signature action figure is guaranteed to be just the right amount of whelming, not over or under.

Get your Unnecessary Action Figure here.