My name is Matt Benedetto, and I am a product designer from Burlington, Vermont that is on a quest to design cool things to help solve the most difficult problems in the world…that don’t really exist. My collection of useless inventions is filled with products that no one is asking for, but I have taken it upon myself to bring these products to life.

While you may look at some of my silly inventions and think they may be useful or you may know someone who would actually use them, I assure you they are all completely and utterly useless things.

Be sure to follow along for all of my new inventions as I continue to solve the world’s unnecessary everyday problems.

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Meet The AirSticks

My inspiration comes from a mix of simply having fun, expressing my creativity, and poking fun at online consumer shopping these days. I think sometimes people forget not every project you work on has to be completely serious and serve a purpose – and I wanted to bring these crazy inventions to life simply because I wanted to!

The Chopstick Extensions for your AirPods

Listen to music on your way to a sushi lunch

And never forget your own chopsticks!


Also, it sort of makes fun of some of the ridiculous products out there in the world that people spend money on. Almost every post I have someone comment: “but I would actually buy this!”

The Anywhere Hook

Your personal coat hook!

That goes with you anywhere that you go

Each project takes about 2-5 days to go from idea in my head to a 3d sketch, then actually creating it, then taking the final photos.

The PillowOne S


The mattress in a box for your smartphone!

Your phone deserves a good night charge too!


With the projects, I straddle a line of pretending they are serious products while making fun of the people who want them. I always go for a robot/deadpan look in any of the modeling photos to show that I’m sort of dead inside actually using the product.

The Do Not, Paint Roller

Curb your OCD and need to label everything

Even the walls you aren’t supposed to paint!

Maybe one day, if I design a product that seems so overly unnecessary that people simply have to have, then I’ll sell a few. And if it comes to that, I think people might purchase it like a piece of art and maybe display it on a bookshelf, etc. rather than buying it actually to use it. Appreciate the item for its over-design esthetic of being unnecessary rather than purchasing an item for its tactile use.

The Inferno Knuckles


The essential at home nighttime protection device

Illuminate the way as you check and protect yourself from a home invader

The No Booze Ice Cube Tray

Trying to drink less during the week but still craving your favorite cocktail?

Ditch the booze while still mixing yourself a “Vodka” cocktail with this no-calorie alternative

My Perfect Hogan

Have you always been jealous of Hulk Hogan’s pristine handlebar mustache?


– – – – Look no further with this new shaving staple to get the perfect replica handlebar mustache for your face

The CalfScratch

Stop reaching down when your knee-high socks are making your legs itchy

Conveniently scratch your calves anywhere & anytime

The Driver Snack Tax Tube

On those road trips, transport your favorite snacks directly from the backseat into the drivers hands safely and easily

Don’t hog all the good stuff back there!


The Front2Back Case

Quit only getting photos of your friends when you know you are looking good!


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