This is one issue from the Marvel comics you probably haven’t seen yet. From my Unnecessary Inventions lair, I present my latest creation – the Infinity Saucelet. Carefully choose your favorite six fast food sauce packets to be placed within this gauntlet of ultimate fast food power.

This 3D Printed device can wield all the power of your favorite fast food restaurants while you feast upon delicious chicken fingers, french fries, and anything in between. Now all you have to do is decide and find out if you are worthy of the power of the Infinity Saucelet!

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In one snap of your fingers, all your fast food dreams will come to life

This extremely powerful gauntlet can wield the power of all of your favorite fast food sauces all at once

Cover everything in a sauce… whatever it takes

Do you have the ability required to handle such immense power in one hand?

Watch the all-mighty power of the Infinity Saucelet in action!

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What do you think of the Infinity Saucelet? What would happen when you snapped your fingers wearing one of your own?!