Matt Benedetto checking in – the internet’s favorite unnecessary inventor, with my newest inventions that solve problems that don’t really exist. You may find any one of these inventions possibly useful but I can guarantee they are entirely unnecessary. I have spent the past few weeks carefully crafting each invention from my design studio in Burlington Vermont!

No one was asking for these inventions to be created, but I have taken it upon myself to bring these creations to life – whether you like it or not. Now tell me what would your Unnecessary Invention be if you were in charge (which you aren’t).

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Avocado On A Stick™️

Every millennial loves avocado toast!

Now make your favorite snack faster than ever at home or on the go…on a stick!

Save time every morning with your favorite breakfast meal


These days your fingers need to make it through a full day texting on your smartphone so it’s more important than ever to get a true full body work out. Build muscle and burn calories in your fingers so they are ready to go any time!

The Century Charger™️

Meet this revolutionary 100 foot long iPhone Lightning Charging Cable. Whether you are wandering around your house, heading to your neighbors, or just taking care of business – just take a few minutes each day untangling any knots to be charging anywhere and everywhere.

Cuisine Curtain™️

Enjoy your 5-star meal in complete privacy.

Attach this personal curtain to your nose to cover your mouth during any meal and never worry about chewing with your mouth open.

Quickly slide it open during conversation or a phone call with ease.

The FingerBeanies™️

Get rid of those cold fingertips when you are out and about!

Slip one of these cozy beanies over each finger and avoid dangerous frostbite.


You no longer need to be embarrassed when using your older model smartphone that clearly still has a headphone jack.

This handy keychain slides directly in to discretely hide it when you just want to just feel like everyone else with an iPhone X.


Stand your ground whether you are stuck in a hurricane, holding your place in a crowd, or just not doing anywhere anytime soon!

These suction cup platforms attach to any one of your favorite shoes. Kick those sticky situations goodbye!

The BurritoTrough

Whether you are on the go or having a lazy day, quickly and easily fill up on your favorite Mexican meal.

Enjoy a delicious burrito hands-free! Don’t forget the Guac!