I am happy to let you know that your week is now fulfilled as I have 12 brand new Unnecessary Inventions. Absolutely no one was asking me to create these products but they solve every non-existent problem in your daily life. It has been my calling to design these inventions for our modern world to enjoy.

The last few weeks I have been busy in my evil secret lair devising my newest batch of inventions. Let me know in the comments below what your idea for an Unnecessary Invention might be, and maybe just MAYBE it will become a reality…but don’t get your hopes up!

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More info: unnecessaryinventions.com

The Neckl-ICE™️

Stay icy no matter what with this custom silicone ice cube mold and solid gold necklace.

Simply freeze the necklace into our hexagon cubes and chill.

Watch the behind the scenes on how we made the Neckl-ICE!


Swipe, double tap, and type with confidence in the rain with the perfect umbrella ergonomically designed so snap onto any smartphone.

Always put your phone’s priority ahead of your own when you need to get that DM out without any interruption from the rain.


Everyone knows that you can NEVER have enough cargo pockets on your pants. Mix and match all your favorite cargo pockets with my patent pending modular pocket pants.

Different colors, styles, and sizes so you have somewhere to put all your essentials. High Fashion too!


Let’s get rid of plastic straws and save the world! When you are on the go, don’t forget this rugged plastic carrying case for your favorite metal straw!

It quickly snaps together with magnets and with your help we rid this world of those evil plastic tubes.

Heels Wheels™️

Learn to strut like a professional. Get used to walking in those stilettos with these training wheels for heels.

Simply slide them onto your favorite pair and safety practice your walk with confidence. Sashay away!


The summer heat is upon us and I am already not sure I can take the sweating. Luckily now you can easily collect and remove of any sweat before it hits your face.

Easily dispel any perspiration from your forehead and away from your body.

The Damn That Bathroom Handle Is Gross I Ain’t Touching It™️

Are you hands glistening from being freshly cleansed but that bathroom handle is disgusting on another level.

Never leave the house again without the extra handle grip extension. A germaphobes delight!


This is the absolute easiest way to share your favorite tasty beverage with your BFF.

Our dual sided squirt bottle fills up from either end and can fit an entire 2 Liters. Get ready for a battle royale for the last drop!


If you are sick and tired of your Apple AirPods always falling out or getting lost, then I have an exciting news for you. Those issues are now a thing of a past with our signature iPhone Case that features an attached flexible cord that easily slides onto each AirPod.

Always have a secure lifeline directly to your phone. Now turn up the music!

The FrustrationBuckle™️

Slow walkers?! Confused Tourists?! Ugh they can just make my blood boil! Luckily this handy new belt buckle will let out that frustration and get those people OUT. OF. YOUR. WAY.

Just continually push the center of the buckle to unleash the fury!

The PersonalSpacinator™️

We all have had those times with close talkers, random people in public, and simply wanting to be left alone.

Reclaim the personal space around you so no one can get within your special area for whatever reason.


Swish Swish, say goodbye to those annoying raindrops on your sunglasses.

Outfitted with water detecting sensors, automatically wipe away any water that gets onto your lenses when you are out and about.