They are diamonds of folk art, blending beautifully with their surrounding environment. Sometimes right in front of our eyes, next to modern roads and bridges. Others lost in mythical landscapes that make your mind travel to the eras of elves and fairies.

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The old stone bridges of Northern Greece were built by craftsmen, the old Masters of the stones (or "Mastoroi" as they are called in Greek), experienced workers and artists of stone-processing, usually with no architectural or engineering studies. But today their works have a "scent of History", the oldest stone bridge of this collection was built around 500 A.D. Mastoroi knew how to build magnificent and lasting structured, some bridges of this collection are still in use.

I would like to point out one bridge specifically, the Pasha stone bridge, the only one of this collection that is no longer standing. One of the largest stone bridges that ever existed in Greece (built around 1690), it was one of the many old bridges on Aliakmon, the largest river in Greece. All other bridges were "taken" by the wild river waters at various history points. This one lasted until the World War 2 (April 1941), when English and New Zealand's allied armies had to destroy the bridge's pedestals to stop the Germans from passing it. This bridge IS a hero of war. Since then, the following generations failed to restore it. My hope is that future generations will recognize its value and restore it to its glory.

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