Every year, I create giant hay bale art for a local non-profit's annual Halloween event. Last year, the designs included a giant can of Campbell's soup. That got me thinking about a book called The Borrowers that I read as a child. It's about miniature people who live in the walls of a home in Britain. They "borrow" items from the "giants". For example, a spool of thread became rope for them. This year I wanted the visitors to the event to feel as if THEY were the miniature people, so I created giant objects. It's also reminiscent of the movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The only downside is that everything I made had to be cylindrical.

Every year I also create a version of a Jack O'Lantern and Frankenstein's monster. Each year they turn out differently based on what the individual hay bales will allow me to do. This year nearly all the bales were double-stacked, some bales were 4' tall and others 5 1/2 ' tall, so when stacked they were either 8' or 11' tall. The baby Bottle ended up being 14' tall with the addition of the nipple part made from the inverted seat of a papasan chair with a plastic plant pot wired on top and covered with hay. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them! Happy Halloween!!


Spools Of Thread With Needle And Thimble

Giant hay bale of a thread with needle and thimble


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