Be honest, when was the last time you read the label on your favorite t-shirt or most comfortable pair of jeans? Probably a while ago, right?

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These clothing labels will convince you to look again - they aren’t your usual “do not mix with colors” or “do not boil me in water over 60 degrees, thanks very much” kind of thing. Some offer serious life advice (seriously, we aren’t joking!), others are lost in translation, and yet others are offensive… or maybe funny. That’s up to you to decide.

If you’ve ever come across any similar labels, please submit them. If not, then just let us know your favorites from our 25 label list.


These Shirts Were Tested On Animals. They Didn't Fit


BarbaraConover 3 years ago

I want that tag's message on the outside of the shirt!

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Don't Slap Pandas

somethingwithanne Report

SamanthaJones 3 years ago

I have a Red Bubble shirt, it's a valid point. You should never slap pandas!

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For Worst Results

Keisuke Rock! Rock! Report

AoibhinTwomey 3 years ago


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Or Give It To Your Mother

unknown Report

PattyKim 3 years ago

Or we feel obligated to figure it out.

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Rism 3 years ago

Sharing is caring :)

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Allways Wash Your Butt


ĐinhHoàng 3 years ago

Last sentence nail it >"<

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It's Pretty Impressive

wii_cheats Report

Nutmeg73 3 years ago

Heh. Secret label. :-)

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Don't Be That Guy



You'll Do Awesome Report

LindaB 3 years ago

you'll do awesomeLY...unless your date is named "Awesome" and you do her.

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Zipper Warning Label

guessimbanned Report

AndreeaHausi 3 years ago

This is not quite so funny, it's intended for stupid people who could think of opening a lawsuit to the producer of the garment/ zipper because they hurt their...

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Made On Earth Report

NikolaiSindorf 3 years ago

Thank you for putting a red box around that

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Do Not Feed After Midnight



100% Christmas Report

EricSielski 3 years ago


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Put A Smile On Your Face


WendyGoicochea 3 years ago

That I like.

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It'll Be Funny Report

FlaviaBello 3 years ago

Bordering cruelty!!

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Wash This When Dirty

MeridiusGaiusScipio Report

LukaThalius 3 years ago

Or wear it again. It's got another day or so left before it becomes an issue to co-workers.

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Do Not Wear For Sumo Wrestling Report

MayaAladdin 3 years ago


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You Can Dance If You Want To


JoelForsyth 3 years ago

You can leave your friends behind

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Size "m" For Manly Report


You Would't Understand

AliMacJack Report

PaulKeeble 3 years ago

Says so on both my Roo poo tops.

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Size: Fat

samesongtwice Report

DanLesnick 3 years ago

Finally! Something in my size!

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