We often talk about different people's ingenious and non-standard solutions in critical situations, but there are those who have unconventional thinking, as they say, in their blood, from birth. We mean children.

Indeed, almost all children are born with absolutely non-standard thinking, which then we, adults, drive into the narrow framework and corridors of the reality we have created. As a result, we tend to consider any original decision made in adulthood as a manifestation of genius.

However, there are always critical moments when even children accustomed to stereotypes and standardization turn on their natural creativity to the fullest. Yes, we are talking about tests and exams, and if the child has not really studied school material yet, then the genius of their creative solutions is impressive.

Remember those stories about the job tests at Google or Tesla? It seems that any of these kids, whose smart and witty answers Bored Panda compiled in a special list for you, would easily pass these tests. Or maybe, who knows, some of them have already been contacted by recruiters from Silicon Valley? At least these answers were collected on this dedicated Instagram account.

Anyway, feel free to scroll down, comment and enjoy, and if this is not enough for you, we have more. Just look here: one, two and even three! The creative show must definitely go on!

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Holy Jesus!

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Jesus is the answer - someone took those signs outside the church literally. Oh dear.

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