Just like Tinder dates don’t always look like they do in their profiles pictures, it’s also not uncommon for hotels to look considerably different than they do in the brochures. They might tell you that they have a gym for example, but what they don’t tell you is what their definition of a gym actually is. They might also tell you that they have a swimming pool, while conveniently forgetting to tell you that it’s full of hardened concrete. Take a look at this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda for more examples of hotels that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Do you have any pictures you’d like to share? Then feel free to add them to the list, and don’t forget to vote for the funniest hotel fail!

#1 Chinese Hotel Rules

Chinese Hotel Rules

code0011 Report

Claire Sylvester 1 year ago

Waahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂

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#8 I Saw This In A Hotel Office

I Saw This In A Hotel Office

fromaarontoashes Report

Michel M. Prins 1 year ago

Well at least they're honest on where it will go

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