Yes, how dogs would wear pants and what colour is that dress are questions worthy of the Internet's undivided attention, but that was before Awkward Half-Cat. Did this cat mean to descend the stairs but got tired half-way, or did it begin resting on the top step and only then begin to melt down the stairs?

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This Photoshop Battle will hopefully answer these question! Where will Awkward Half-Cat end up next? Take part in this Bored Panda challenge! Submit your own photos, or vote on your favourites!

More info: catcatdogcat

The Original Photo


#1 Samaracat



Melody Lanzatella 2 years ago

LMAO! THIS is the winner! Hands down!

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#2 Portalcat


nephariusways Report

Martina Jošavac 2 years ago

Cake is a lie!

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#3 Dali Cat

Dali Cat

evil-i Report

Cassie Toter 2 years ago

omg that's good !! had it im my mind when I saw the original pic

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#4 Damned!



Anita Pócsi 2 years ago

Technically laughing out loud!!! :D

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#5 New Floor Model

New Floor Model

loosekadoo Report

Ruby Fox 2 years ago

wow , exactly how I sound practising the Piano

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#6 Catsnail


bonkavonk Report

PaintingSparrow 2 years ago

Best so far

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#7 Gaga Cat Hat

Gaga Cat Hat

InnererSchweinehund Report

Micaela Olivera 2 years ago

10/10 Gaga would approve!

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#8 Fixed!


custardwithbaileys Report

Savdat02 2 years ago

Why is the tail a foot too

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#9 Already On Amazon

Already On Amazon

hiilike Report

Hazel Yago 2 years ago

I tried clicking the second image.

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#10 Trump Hair

Trump Hair

iphotoshopforyou Report

Micaela Olivera 2 years ago

... looks better this way.

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#11 Cloudy Sky

Cloudy Sky


Lyone Fein 2 years ago


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#12 Cat.exe Has Stopped Responding

Cat.exe Has Stopped Responding

The Blazing Phoenix Report

tsjah 2 years ago

there's always that one old school nerd ;p

#13 Nightmares


Meganlee Report

Micaela Olivera 2 years ago

Furry lovers may disagree(?

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#14 Two-legged Cat

Two-legged Cat

zvoidx Report

Aida Bukiene 2 years ago

much less hair at home...

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#15 Cat Relaxing In A Bubble Bath After A Long Day

Cat Relaxing In A Bubble Bath After A Long Day


Launa Rae 2 years ago

so cute!

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