The last time we wrote about Chief, aka Oreo Cloud, he was a fluffy 9-week-old puppy. Now, half a year later, the Chow Chow is looking more and more like the 80-pound cookies and cream lion he's destined to become.

"He loves playing with other dogs and children," his owner Sara told Bored Panda. "Now that he's older, he's proved to be a very patient pup that is curious to learn, but ultimately he's just as perfect if not more than the first day we got him."

Sara continues uploading pictures and videos of her beloved four-legged buddy to his social media accounts, where the pup has amassed quite the following. And why wouldn't he, you can't help but smile looking at how adorable Chief really is!

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Since Chief and his family live in California and are still under some strict quarantine rules, he hasn't been able to go to professional training as originally planned. Instead, the owners train their pup at home. "We like to socialize him around a lot of children and he seems to have a very therapeutic effect on little ones!"

"Chief's favorite treat in this entire world is watermelon!" Sara said. "If he hears someone say 'watermelon', he will come running. His favorite toy is still the very first toy we bought him which is a raccoon squeaky toy. He keeps all of his toys in excellent condition which we find hilarious."

Since the quarantine, the family has moved to Lake Tahoe and Chief has been in love with being in nature. "He especially loves running and jumping straight into the chilly clear waters, which usually encourages laughter among several bystanders."

The Chow Chow is one of the world's most singular and possibly oldest breeds. They were lordly companions to Chinese nobles but over the centuries, they also earned their keep as guarders, haulers, and hunters, and Chief looks like the perfect descendant of these fine dogs!



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