Just like the study of physics has certain laws of nature that are constant, never changing and always factually just there, so will cats and catdom be a part of the internet as an indisputable fact that they are king and there is no two ways about it.

Don’t believe me? This Instagram page alone is testament to the past, present and future legacy that is cats, and no, it’s not an exaggeration. They are the unstoppable force and the immovable object. With that said, enjoy.

So, Your Fav Cute Cats is an Instagram page that’s all about every single word in its name. Mostly the cute cats part, but the page encourages folks to submit their own pictures too.

The page has been around since late 2021 and has posted over 835 posts to its now 238,000 following of cat lovers.

And if you need further proof of why cats rule the internet, consider the cats that the internet thrives on.

The most popular of cats is, of course, Grumpy Cat, a lovely lady cat whose real name was Tardar Sauce, with a permanent expression of dissatisfaction on her face, which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. And it represented all things nope on the internet. It continues to do so even after her passing in 2019.


The other cat that has been doing the rounds on the internet is Smudge, also known as the cat that a woman was yelling at by the table.

The cat was already famous even before that one meme, but Malibu Beach Party From Hell one-upped the whole deal by getting stitched with Smudge and now we can’t help but side with Smudge on any moral dilemma memed this way.

If you’re a bit older, you’re probably also going to remember Keyboard Cat, a.k.a. Fatso. The cat had some mad keyboard playing skills and was succeeded by another avatar sort of cat named Bento. But the owner was the same.


Anywho, 74 million views and counting has made this cat an iconic part of the catternet. And this originally happened in 1987, mind you.

Entering the original lolcats territory for a little bit, we have Longcat, or Shiroi, which means white. You wouldn’t ever think that a cat being “long” was a reason to be famous, but here we are. She lived a whole 18 years before passing, but has become an icon among the original lolcats of the internet, striking quite a bit of a nostalgic chord among many.


Around roughly the same time as Longcat, we also had Ceiling Cat. Not much is known about it, minus a bunch of speculations of the photo being edited (flipped) and only one person coming out to say they used to know the cat, but nothing was confirmed. What is definitely true, however, is that Ceiling Cat is considered a god figure among cats because of its inclusion in the LOLCat Bible Translation Project as an analogue for God in the Bible.

But, back to more modern times with Vibing Cat, a female cat named Minette in real life, who was first seen in a TikTok video posted by Mick Lagi, who claims to be friends with the real owner. Unfortunately, the lovely cat had to find another forever home as the owner’s son developed allergies. Since then, nobody truly knows where she is.

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Of course, as is natural online, some things go viral but not because they are real—but because they just fit the vibe. Crying Cat was actually originally Serious Cat, but someone came along and photoshopped a more appropriate expression, thus birthing Crying Cat. In fact, everyone probably forgot about Serious Cat once Crying Cat came around.

There are many more examples of famous cats and how there’s pretty much no criteria for virality—you just go viral and that’s pretty much it. Having interesting facial features or doing very non-cat things can help, but Smudge was literally just sitting at a table and went crazy viral, so the internet is your oyster, cat lovers.

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So, what are your thoughts on any of this? Wish your cat became famous? Share your pics and stories in the comment section below!

But if you need more catty goodness, Bored Panda’s got you covered.

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2 months ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

The second half of this image is way funnier. Both cats fall down and it's hysterical if you look at it for more than half a minute

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