A few years ago I had the idea to start a creative-challenge project Stop, Think, Make. Since then my work has been published in many print and online publications including TIME Magazine, New Scientist Magazine and Australian House & Garden Magazine. You can also check my first post on Bored Panda.

There is something magic about turning ordinary items into something new. I like to challenge my imagination and I often ask myself: What if I could turn this into something else? What if it became alive? It is also interesting to see the response that I get from my friends and followers on social media who see my work for the first time...

One day I noticed that a slice of an orange looks very much like a bike-wheel. It got me thinking what other material I could use to make a bike. I found that straws would be great for building the frame and other elements of the bike. The result is the connection of two things that can be refreshing: a bike ride and an orange juice!

More info: stopthinkmake.com | Instagram

#4 Toast On Fire

Toast On Fire


Lynn Lee 1 year ago

Eww is that moldy bread

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#5 Watch



Zulkarnain K. 1 year ago

The real Apple Watch.

#6 Rice Bear

Rice Bear


Luna Kittenwarrior 11 months ago

He looks bored.

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#9 Leaf Ship

Leaf Ship


Chocolate Lab 1 year ago

How do u get the leaves to stand up?

#14 The Great Estape

The Great Estape


SRAMLNS 1 year ago

Reminds me of portal 2 for some reason

#18 4 Letters

4 Letters


Over Opinionated 1 year ago

That's really really pretty actually. I would almost expect that on the front of a card