Domenic Bahmann, a clever graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia, has a wonderfully understated style to his tongue-in-cheek miniature designs that communicate creative ideas tastefully and humorously.

Bahmann’s cool designs are diverse, but his clever miniaturized arrangements of easily recognizable symbols and simple objects are probably his most eye-catching work. Each little miniature item is like a small and self-contained joke or statement, and it only helps that most of them are created out of simple arrangements of everyday objects that we could easily collect at home.

In his surprising and imaginative ability to re-imagine and reinterpret the everyday objects around him, Bahmann’s design ideas reminds us of artists Javier Perez and Victor Nunes, both of whom also have a knack for turning everyday objects into something else.

If you like Bachmann’s cool drawings, be sure to check out his e-shop, where he sells art prints and a broad range of products printed with his creative designs.

Hopefully, Bahmann’s creations will inspire some of you to find simple everyday objects throughout your home and arrange them into little creations that tell a story or make a statement. If you decide to create something, share it with us on!

Source: | Facebook | Instagram | Society6 (via: fubiz)

Takeoff in the Morning

Note Ship



Good Morning

Healthy M

Music to My Ears

Sock Panda

Octopus Banana


We Need to Ketchup

Midnight Snack

Fruitney, Australia

Button Pig



The Big Idea

 Get Comfy


Couch Surfing

 World Record

Sound of Nature

Pasta Skyline

Music Cloud

Egg Puppy