When Reddit user eRadthorpe uploaded this picture to the Photoshop Battle subreddit, many could have been forgiven for thinking that it had already been photoshopped. After all, it's not every day you see a 14-year-old black Labrador wearing what appears to be a white superhero mask. But the dog has what's known as vitiligo, a physically harmless condition where the skin (or in this case fur) slowly loses its pigment. And although the lab looks tragi-comical enough already, it's nothing compared to what it looked like once Reddit's master manipulators had finished with it.

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#1 Pandadog


onewhale Report

1 year ago

That's really well done!

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#2 Dogpool


gravity_has_me_down Report

António Lima 1 year ago

Good sidekick idea :-)

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#3 The Kissdog !!!!

The Kissdog !!!!


Awkward dog 1 year ago

OMG YES. I've loved kiss since I was 4 years old, now with a picture of a dog in it, I love it even more!!

#5 Barkfest At Tiffany's

Barkfest At Tiffany's

Hai_Karate Report

Sandra Luz 1 year ago

"Barkfest at Tiffany's"… XD :P

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#6 Hamburglar


4eroplane Report

António Lima 1 year ago

So cool speacially with thoes fluffy eyes

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#7 This Was My First Thought.

This Was My First Thought.

Gwingle Report

1 year ago


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#8 Free Woofy

Free Woofy

overbread Report

varwenea 1 year ago

Except Willy is dead :(

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#10 Kung Fu Dog

Kung Fu Dog

nik-nepushkin Report

António Lima 1 year ago

So fluffy ahah