For the creative mind, anything can be made into art – even a dish as specific and traditional as sushi.

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Purists might say that sushi is already an art form, and they're right, but we think that these creative reinterpretations of this deeply traditional are amazing pieces of (very edible and delicious) art.

If this inspires you to try your hand at sushi art, or of you or someone you know has made some, we'd love to see it in this list! And don't forget to vote for the tastiest (or most creative) submission!

#3 Flower Sushi

Flower Sushi

Davy Devaux Report

AndyAlexander 3 years ago

that's crazy beautiful!

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#5 Sheep Sushi

Sheep Sushi

rabbitcancook Report

RandomPanda 3 years ago

Shaun the Sheep! Right?

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#10 Skull Sushi

Skull Sushi

zombiecreep Report

CelineDraaijer 2 years ago

Awesome.looks ed hardy-ish

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#11 Pineapple Sushi

Pineapple Sushi

Little Miss Bento Report

Alyssa Szeles 2 weeks ago

Pen Pinapple Apple pen>

#14 Ghost Sushi

Ghost Sushi

SSmama Report

GloomySunFlower 3 years ago

So cute >.<

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#15 Panda Sushi Roll

Panda Sushi Roll

Davy Devaux Report

Erica Mines 3 years ago

Panda's are adorable

#19 Penguin Sushi

Penguin Sushi Report

Alyssa Szeles 2 weeks ago


#21 Olaf Sushi

Olaf Sushi

Little Miss Bento Report

21rachel.hill 3 years ago friend Emma S. loves olaf!

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#22 Santa Sushi

Santa Sushi

Little Miss Bento Report

21rachel.hill 3 years ago

Now THAT is creepy Cookiemonsta. (ooohh killem tereo!)