Snow can suck if you've got to drive to work or shovel your sidewalk, but it can also provide creative people with an excellent opportunity to express themselves through snow art! As long as there are tons of snow lying around, why not turn it into a creative snow sculpture?

If you, like the Bartz brothers, have created an awesome snowman or snow sculpture, we'd love to see it! You can add your photo to this list and vote for your favorites as well.

#1 Marshmallow And Fire

Marshmallow And Fire

Demonstros Report

ElliotLord 3 years ago

Really good!

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#2 Giant Turtle

Giant Turtle

Austin Bartz Report

SylwiaCzech 3 years ago

those boys are the best!

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#3 Giant Snow Dragon Sculpture

Giant Snow Dragon Sculpture

imgur Report

Melodie 3 years ago

Someone just gathered all the Dragon Balls!

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#4 Mail Box Snow Man

Mail Box Snow Man

reddit Report

DanielleBrown 3 years ago

Love this because it's something that anyone can do

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#5 Snoopy And His House

Snoopy And His House

sumikko mofu Report

EmmaTanglevine 3 years ago

cute...the paw prints in the pic are a nice touch!

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#6 Shark Snow Sculpture

Shark Snow Sculpture

reddit Report

SharonHunton 3 years ago

Cool Shark...great colors!

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#7 AT-AT Snow Sculpture

AT-AT Snow Sculpture

bluebomber Report

sctntxtn13 3 years ago

My fave. Star wars always wins :)

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#8 Totoro And His Children Snow Sculpture

Totoro And His Children Snow Sculpture

abiliot Report

AliJar-Night 3 years ago

awwwww i love totoro!!

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#9 Giant Godzilla Snow Sculpture

Giant Godzilla Snow Sculpture

Olsettres Report

fantasycreature 3 years ago

Sorry boss, I cant go to work today :)

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#10 Michelangelo


aoryo Report

ChelseaBiondolillo 3 years ago

Venus de Milo was not sculpted by Michaelangelo

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