Keeping your fingers warm during the cold winter is important – how will you text on your smartphone otherwise? If you want to keep your fingers warm and stay stylish doing it, however, then these creative gloves and mittens will be perfect!

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If you think there are any brilliant designs out there that we missed, feel free to add them to this list and vote for your favorites!

#1 Hand In Hand Mittens

Hand In Hand Mittens

Hand In Hand Mittens


#2 Owl Warmers

Owl Warmers Report

#3 Hedgehog Mittens

Hedgehog Mittens Report

#4 Reindeer Mittens

Reindeer Mittens Report

#5 Beer Holder Mittens

Beer Holder Mittens Report

Magpie 1 year ago

lolol :)

#6 Forest Creatures Mittens

Forest Creatures Mittens Report

#7 Glow In The Dark Gloves

Glow In The Dark Gloves

Glow In The Dark Gloves


#8 Pizza Hand Warmers

Pizza Hand Warmers Report

Sandra Fleck 3 years ago


#9 Galaxy Hand Warmers

Galaxy Hand Warmers Report

#10 Shark Mittens

Shark Mittens Report

#11 Hidden Fox Gloves

Hidden Fox Gloves Report

#12 Nemo Mittens

Nemo Mittens Report

#13 Piggy Mittens

Piggy Mittens Report

KathrineHart 3 years ago

Love these! Are they, or the pattern available anywhere?

#14 Moustache Gloves

Moustache Gloves Report

SherylHorlbeck 3 years ago

Cute and clever!

#15 Reptile Gloves

Reptile Gloves Report