Indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress and purify the air, and they also leave your home looking great. With beautiful planters like the ones in this list, you can make your home even more beautiful and relaxing by keeping your plants inside pots and planters that are works of art.

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The fact that certain plants are effective at cleaning the air is a matter of scientific record; the NASA Clean Air Study maintains a list of popular household plants that have been shown to filter benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and other common indoor pollutants. These plants, as well as the cool planters you can keep them in, are especially worth having in the city!

If you know of any other cool planters that belong on this list, feel free to add them and upvote your favorites!

#1 Shape-Shifting ‘Origami’ Pots That Grow Together With Your Plants

Shape-Shifting ‘Origami’ Pots That Grow Together With Your Plants

Shape-Shifting ‘Origami’ Pots That Grow Together With Your Plants

Studio Ayaskan Report

IsidoraKesić 2 years ago


#2 Jellyfish Air Planter

Jellyfish Air Planter

Petit Beast Report

LuciaLintnerová 2 years ago

those are sea-urchin shells :) pretty nice

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#3 Japanese Moss Planters

Japanese Moss Planters

Aoki Yuriko Report

StarsN'Stripes4Ever 2 years ago

The hedgehog looks like shaymin

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#4 Rainy Pot

Rainy Pot

Jeong Seungbin Report

TriciaFerrell 2 years ago

I would stare at this all day.

#5 Self Watering Animal Planter

Self Watering Animal Planter Report

RebeccaFinnigan 2 years ago

Kinda cute but first glance cat looks like it's throwing up

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#6 One Pot, Two Lives

One Pot, Two Lives

Sheng-Zhe Feng & Ling-Yuan Chou Report

KatarzynaGabrysz 2 years ago

No! That's horrible for the poor fish.

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#7 Vertical Garden Planter

Vertical Garden Planter

KimFisherDesigns Report

ChristopherMoore 2 years ago

Post link to buy!

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#8 Robot Succulent Planter

Robot Succulent Planter

XYZWorkshop Report

TriciaFerrell 2 years ago

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. What a happy little bastard.

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#9 Book Planter

Book Planter

YOY Idea Report

KateElle 2 years ago

that's some book mark you got there :)

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#10 Micro Planter Chess Set

Micro Planter Chess Set

XYZWorkshop Report

Ruellen 2 years ago

cuttest things ever!

#11 Moss Clock

Moss Clock

Paul Noktuku Report

AngelaJones 2 years ago

What do they do when it is 3pm?

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#12 Mermaid Planter

Mermaid Planter

Pipio Report

ValerieMargaret 2 years ago

Want !!! Want !!! Want!!!

#13 Ienami House Planters

Ienami House Planters

Metaphys Report

Arjan 2 years ago

I wish the site would go up so I can buy this, without the animals and people though.

#14 Whale Planter

Whale Planter

Priscilla Ramos Report

#15 Hands Planter

Hands Planter


KateElle 2 years ago

So cool this is my favorite. I saw other people asking for links for others above and I thought who'd want to buy that? Until I saw this lol we all like what we like I guess lol but this one's the best just saying ;)