Kazakhstan-based advertising agency GOOD! was already well known for creating some really fun and inspiring stuff in the past, and now once again they proved to have a really good sense of humor and aptitude for clever design by introducing these face-pots.

However, as cool as these plant pots look, the idea isn’t quite new, and the guys from GOOD! don’t deny it.

“We do not claim this cool design is a novelty idea (there are advertising campaigns based on the effect of combining plant and a human face), but we wanted to implement this technique in the form of a specific object. The trick is that we liked that flower pot and a person’s face have a similar shape, which contributes to their visual association, the creative design is complete and pretty funny” – says GOOD! on their website.

And like Jeff from CraziestGadgets has pointed out, the concept is simple enough that anyone with a planter, an indoor plant a closeup portrait photo, some scissors, and glue can easily replicate this in their own home. With the right combination of plants and facial expressions, the results can be hilariously awesome.



P.S.: if anyone does it at home, don’t forget to share your picture with other pandas as well :)