It was a long-awaited return to the playa — and all its eccentricities. After a pause of several years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Burning Man 2022, one of the most impressive weeklong festival-like experiences, is back in full force. And it's as wild and colorful as ever. Thousands of Burners gathered to build a temporary metropolis and celebrate community, art, music, installations, sculptures, temples, deep self-expression, and — of course — fire.

Burning Man 2022 date runs from August 28th through September 5th. You could be wondering where is Burning Man 2022 held? Only a few large-scale events are as compelling and overwhelming as this festival held in Nevada’s remote Black Rock Desert spectacle. Even with thick coatings of swirling alkaline dust and soaring temperatures, it has now evolved into a magnificent scenery of the craziest costumes, quirky art cars, and experimental living in some of the most hostile conditions on the planet.

We at Bored Panda searched online to bring you a sizzling hot list of the most memorable moments from this year's festival. So continue scrolling and get ready for a glorious ride down to the desert; upvote the pics as you go, and be sure to share your favorites with your friends. Once you're done admiring this vivid collection, check out our previous pieces about Burning Man "cities" from 2019, 2018, and 2017.


Geometrical statue in the middle of desert

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WTH BP, I clicked on this link wanting to see some guy burn baby and all I see is some Mad Max type cool art and beautiful people, where is the guy that is burning?

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What's the Story Behind All the Burning Man 2022 Photos?

Burning Man started as a casual gathering of friends in 1986 and moved to the desert of Nevada in 1991. This was a transitional moment for the event as it became a destination for artists, performers, and free spirits interested in an autonomous social experiment in a temporary community. In the following years, the annual Burning Man evolved into a global cultural movement celebrating art, wild costumes, installations, spontaneous musical performances, and — yes — plenty of partying.

In 2019, around 80,000 people were attracted and attended Burning Man. But in 2021, an unofficial version of the event was staged, with about 20,000 taking part. Many within the community felt the event was irresponsible because it could have violated some of the 10 Principles of Burning Man, particularly civic responsibility and leaving no trace.

There were also some rumors about the scandal with Cara Delevingne — Burning Man 2022 was quite a party for her, as she was seen with a sinister appearance and behavior at the Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles after leaving Burning Man, that raised some concerns about her mental state. But by plotting this event, Burning Man organizers updated it and kept the vision alive.


Burning Man Festival 2022 As a Waking Dream Experience

The Burning Man 2022 gathering is back in full swing. Under the theme of Waking Dreams, the festival aimed to explore the "transformative power of dreams, both literal and figurative, and celebrate the dreamers who channel this potent energy in eye-opening, often surrealistic, sometimes life-changing ways."

The temporary metropolis, Black Rock City, was the perfect spot for participants to start imagining the future again. "Whether it’s a dream of artistic expression, a yearning to connect with others in a fractured society, or simply a desire to live a more meaningful and authentic life, Burning Man is the place where dreams can and do come true."


A Firsthand Experience from a Veteran Burner

The veterans often say that to understand it truly, you simply have to go. Many find it difficult to accurately describe the choose-your-own-adventure atmosphere, where massive interactive installations, Mutant Vehicles, and elaborate camps fill the seven square miles of the playa. But to celebrate the return of Burning Man’s glory, we spoke with Maly, an artist and a Burner who participated in this year’s gathering.

Maly told Bored Panda that the atmosphere this year resembled the previous ones. "Everyone was authentic from the first meeting. People seemed more aware of others’ personal space and preference for contact with strangers. Usually, in past years, you’d be greeted with arms open for a huge hug. This time, people would make the motion for a hug but then verbally confirm, 'Are you huggable? Is this okay?' before proceeding."

Challenges and Weather Woes in the Desert Are


Maly added that many of the camps (hers included) missed many events. "I think it was a combination of caring less in general, but the horrible weather all week was pretty demoralizing." The artist talks about the sizzling heatwave and the dust storm that nearly derailed Burning Man’s namesake event — igniting the giant wooden "man" effigy.

San Francisco Chronicle, located in California, reported winds gusting up to 35 mph hit the playa early Saturday afternoon after a cold front passed through the basin. Of course, this weather is not unusual for the desert as it is prone to extreme conditions during this time of the year. But the official Burning Man Project account announced that the Black Rock City gates were closed in both directions "due to whiteout conditions."

"Do not drive," the tweet stated. "Vehicles are becoming stranded and lost on the playa. Delay your departure until the weather has cleared."


Bicycles with twinkle lights

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Burners Survive the Extremes and Feature Astonishing Artworks

Maly told us she and fellow Burners regularly experienced temperatures of almost 100F with no shade but what they brought themselves. Plus, "the wind and whiteouts did so much damage to tents and tarps," they didn’t have much choice but to ride it out and wait to fix everything after the storm passed. "The roads through the city were also way bumpier than previous years, so moving through the neighborhoods shook your teeth out."


Apart from the weather, the gathering was as exceptional as always. "The artwork was huge and impressive; people definitely had time to work on their projects over lockdown, and the scale of some of the stuff was astonishing," Maly said.

The Heartwarming Moments of Burning Man 2022 Reunion

When asked about other guests, Maly noted they definitely missed participating in the gathering. "There were a lot of big reunions and dusty tears as friends were reunited for the first time in two years," she said. "I know I got a little misty when we finally pulled onto the playa after two days on the road. There were plenty of people here who did the Renegade event over the last two years, so they kept the spirit alive."


Discovering the Burner Spirit and Individual Perspectives

Many reasons attract people to this festival-like paradisium experience, and Maly mentioned they usually depend on the individual attendee: "Burners have 10 Principles, and everyone has their favorites."

"I really enjoy the Radical Self Expression, being able to wear insane things I otherwise couldn’t in the default world, and I am always so proud of my camp for their Radical Self Reliance. We manage to build a whole little home out in the most inhospitable place and live fairly comfortably for a week," she added.

A Week-Long Museum-Concert Venue That Is Kind of Lovable but Intense

Undoubtedly, the artwork and musical performances definitely draw the crowds, as they "are second to none." Although no Burning Man 2022 lineup or scheduled performers exist, that allows the participants to perform at the events, organize the activities, and create all the art and structure. Guests were treated to dozens of installations and creative projects. Maly named that an intense experience: "It's like spending a week living in a museum/concert venue that both loves you and wants you dead."

Another reason this event draws thousands of people is because it provides a unique sense of community, as you have to become a team member if you want to participate. "I've found the purest genuine human connection out here talking with other Burners, from finding actual Mongolians in an authentic ger (yurt) to joking with the Aussie Ranger who was working perimeter during the 'Man' burn."


Man looking at builded cabins

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Like walking around inside the cover art of a 1970's science fiction paperback.

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What is the Reality Behind the Lens?

As you’re scrolling through the vivid Burning Man 2022 photos in this list, your mind may convince you this gathering is a glorious, fantastic, one-of-a-kind experience. Perhaps anyone would feel this way; however, as Maly told us, it’s also hot, dusty, and extremely hard. "It takes a year to get your [things] in order, and we still had a really difficult time surviving this last week," she concluded.

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People burning statue

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Male riding a bike with pony wearing sparkly coat

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Top Popular List of Questions Answered!

Burning Man is a unique and spectacular event that attracts thousands worldwide every year. But what can you expect from it? If you still have doubts, we feel we are on the nine cloud to dispel all ambiguities!

What is the purpose of the Burning Man?

Defining the purpose of Burning Man can be challenging since it varies for each participant. For some, it's a philosophy of living, a platform for self-expression, and a rejection of corporatism and capitalism. This festival is where anything is possible, with some couples even choosing to get married during the event.

What is the Burning Man 2022 about?

Burning Man's mission is to produce the annual event and to guide, nurture, and protect the community created by its culture. The goal is to create a society that fosters creativity, community engagement, civic participation, and connection to the natural world. Burning Man also believes that the experience can produce positive spiritual change.

Burning Man is an inclusive global network of artists, creators, and community leaders who collaboratively produce and promote art, events, and local initiatives worldwide. The most recognizable manifestation of Burning Man is the annual event in Black Rock City. The event culminates with the symbolic burning of a giant wooden effigy known as the Man.

How much does it cost to go to Burning Man 2022?

The cost of going to Burning Man in 2022 depended on several factors, such as the type of ticket, the mode of transportation, the level of accommodation, and the amount of personal expenses.

  • The ticket price varied depending on the sale and program. The FOMO Sale offered tickets at $1,500 and $2,500 each. The Stewards Sale (formerly the Directed Group Sale) offered tickets at $475 each. The Main Sale offered tickets at $575 each. The Ticket Aid Program (formerly the Low-Income Ticket Program) offered tickets at $225 each. Other sales and programs, such as the OMG Sale, the Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP), and the Burner Express Bus Plus Program, had different prices and availability.
  • The vehicle pass price was $140 for all sales and programs, except for the Burner Express Bus Plus Program, which included a vehicle pass in the ticket price.
  • The transportation cost depended on the mode of travel and the distance from the origin. Some options included driving, flying, taking a bus, or joining a rideshare. For example, driving from San Francisco to Black Rock City would cost about $200 for gas and tolls (round trip). Flying from New York to Reno would cost about $500 for a round-trip ticket. Taking a Burner Express Bus from Reno or San Francisco would cost about $100-$200 for a round-trip ticket.
  • The accommodation cost depended on the level of comfort and convenience. Some options included camping in a tent, renting an RV, staying in a hotel, or joining a theme camp. For example, camping in a tent would cost about $100-$200 for gear and supplies. Renting an RV would cost about $1,000-$3,000 for rental fees and fuel. Staying in a hotel would cost about $200-$400 per night in Reno or nearby towns. Joining a theme camp would cost about $300-$1,000 for camp dues and amenities.
  • The personal expenses depended on the amount of food, water, drinks, gifts, art supplies, costumes, and other items that one would need or want to bring or buy at Burning Man. Some estimates ranged from $200 to $1,000 per person.

Therefore, the total cost of going to Burning Man in 2022 could range from $800 to $7,000 per person, depending on one’s choices and preferences.

How many people were at Burning Man 2022?

According to San Fransisco Chronicles, about 75,000 people attended the 2022 event. This was one of the largest populations in Burning Man history.