Logo design is deceptive. You’d think a tiny, quite minimal thing such as a logo would be easy to create using MS Paint—and while that is quite possible, if you have enough dedication to using simplistic tools—it is an entire science in and of itself.

Besides all of the artistic prowess and tools (and the skills to use those tools) you need to even start a logo design, there’s also things like significations and the meanings and the connotations and everything else that the logo represents explicitly and implicitly. And you gotta do all of it to have a significantly memorable logo.

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But there are also times when someone says “screw that” and creates a logo that causes an uproar. Like that one for the Women’s Network that, despite quite literally being dedicated to the concept of womanhood, has a huge symbol of masculinity kinda-sorta masked under it.

And graphic designers took note of it.

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The Prime Minister and Cabinet’s “Women's Network” is a volunteer-based organization, an equal rights entity empowering cultural change and gender equality, inclusion and diversity. Quite recently, they have revealed their logo and… well, it was something.

In particular, while the logo was dedicated to the women’s network, it was vaguely reminiscent of a symbol for the opposite gender. And it wasn’t long till the internet took note of it.

Twitter user and graphic designer @george_llevi shared the controversial logo, saying that this is the worst logo he has ever seen. And he wasn’t kidding, as a lot—like, a lot—of people jumped in to agree and discuss the issue.


George’s tweet sparked quite a hailstorm of responses, mostly including tweets of other logo or graphic design fails around the world.

As of this article, the tweet got a whopping 282,200 likes since its posting on March 14th with over 16,000 retweets and several thousands of quoted tweets on top of it all.


Now, at first people thought it was some sort of form of satire and a joke. But nope, it wasn’t, adding even more fuel to the PR nightmare that the PM&C was getting.

A spokesperson to the PM&C Department told that rebranding was done entirely internally, using existing resources (like the W that existed in previous iterations), and the design was consulted on widely. The PM’s office was also not a part of the design process.


Since the backlash, the logo was taken down.

The tweet did, however, inspire a bunch of people to post design fails they saw around the world or on the internet. And as it seems, this isn’t the first time sexually suggestive content has popped up in public in logo form.

Many pointed out businesses and organizations that have had everything from pee-pees and bajingos to suggestive poses to abbreviation fails to straight up ugly choices in their logo designs.

You can check out the now-viral tweet in context here, but before you go, keep scrolling, there’s more, and why not upvote the logos that cracked you up the most and leave a comment with some design fails you’ve witnessed in the comment section below!

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