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Intimate And Playful Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang

By • Mar 20th, 2014 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Photography

Elke Vogelsang, a professional photographer living in Hildesheim, Germany, takes intimate and stunning portraits of dogs that will rival any of the sharp closeups we see in major magazines. Her close-up portraits portray their models with grace, personality and sometimes just a bit of humor.

30 Cats And Dogs Losing The Battle Against Human Furniture

By • Mar 4th, 2014 • Category: Animals, Funny, Latest Posts

We love having cats and dogs around as our furry companions, but we often don’t give them much thought when we arrange our homes (unless you own any pet furniture). Nonetheless, our pets are understanding – they try to make do with human furniture. Things don’t always go as planned, however, and when everything goes south, their humans are there to capture hilarious photos like these.

What Happens When You Put Two Pit Bulls In A Photo Booth

By • Feb 26th, 2014 • Category: Animals, Cute, Latest Posts

Photographer Lynn Terry captured this adorable photo-booth-style series of pictures featuring Bumper shooting a big sloppy kiss on the cheek to her friend Willis. Bumper was rescued from a dog fighter and Willis was born to a mother that had been involved in the largest dog-fighting ring bust in human history – 500 dogs were rescued, including Willis’ mother.

Dogs in Cars: Adorable Photos of Dogs Enjoying Their Ride

By • Jan 2nd, 2014 • Category: Animals, Cute, Latest Posts, Photography

LA-based animal photographer Lara Jo Regan is going to put a smile on your face every month throughout 2014 with her latest Official Dogs in Cars Calendar. The winner of the World Press Photo of the Year (2000) started with her friends’ dogs and later put some ads online to get different breeds for her photo-shoots. We are giving you a sneak peek of 9 photographs where dogs hang their heads out of car windows and enjoy a breeze hitting their faces.

Meet Scout, The World’s Most Patient Dog Who Can Balance Anything On His Head

By • Nov 26th, 2013 • Category: Animals, Cute, Funny, Latest Posts

Stuff On Scout’s Head is a blog run by Jen Gillen, a woman of patience, and her dog Scout, who could blow any circus poodle off the stage with his master balancing skills. On Stuff On Scout’s Head, Gillen posts pictures of, you guessed it, Scout balancing things on his head. Not only can he hold a roll of toilet paper on his head (which is how it all started), but he can hold a laptop, a bucket of paint or even a vase as well. Scout is so well-trained that not even a slice of pizza or a pyramid of burgers can distract him.

Shake: Slow Motion Photos Of Dogs Shaking Their Heads Published As Book

By • Oct 23rd, 2013 • Category: Animals, Funny, Latest Posts, Photography

Just yesterday, award-winning U.S. photographer and animal trainer Carli Davidson published her book “Shake.” The much-awaited photo collection features close-up portraits of dogs in all of their drooling glory. The series is hilarious because it gives us an unexpected (and funny-looking) glance at the subjects’ personalities. Lips smack, ears flop, and drool flies.

Dogs Dressed As Their Owners by Sebastian Magnani

By • Jun 28th, 2013 • Category: Animals, Funny, Latest Posts, Photography

Have you ever noticed that dogs look a lot like their owners and sometimes even have similar personality? Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani decided to bring this idea to life with his photo series “Underdogs”. Shown with hair, clothes and accessories, the funny portraits of dogs and their owners reveal strong resemblances to one another.

Shake: Dogs Caught In Motion by Carli Davidson

By • Sep 8th, 2011 • Category: Animals, Funny, Latest Posts, Photography

If you are a dog (or look like one) and you’re looking for a photographer, look no further! Carli Davidson is both an internationally recognized award winning photographer and an experienced animal trainer and caretaker. For her series “Shake“, Carli photographed dogs shaking off water to create distorted expressions like half-grimace, half-smiles that are familiar to many dog owners, but when caught on camera, the dogs look incredibly strange and funny.