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13 Stunning Pictures Celebrating The Beautiful Colors Of Fall

To celebrate the fall season, we’ve got a beautiful collection of photos that highlight the last explosion of beautiful color before the coming winter. Whether you’re sitting at your computer with warm socks and some coffee or sitting outside with your laptop enjoying the weather, these images will help give you a double dose of this beautiful season.

Girls’ Favorite Things Brought Together: Hot Guys and Kittens (PART II)

Men and cats. This is the simple recipe that has used to achieve great success. Some of the greatest ideas in the world are brilliant in their simplicity – take a beautiful man and put him next to a cute kitty. How could it not work? Even if you’re not turned on by these handsome hunks, you can enjoy the playful and well-matched pairings of images. The kitties are chosen to match the mens’ clothing, colors and poses – sometimes a pair will manage to have all of these match.

10 Striking Gifs Show The Effects Of Aging

Aging and death fascinate and terrify many because they are natural and unavoidable forces that we are all subject to. These 10 gifs, taken from a video uploaded on, show what perhaps as much as half a century of aging can look like in just a few seconds. The pictures feature portraits of older people along with portraits from their youth that have been overlaid on each other, switching back and forth between the two.

Banksy’s Plush Animal Slaughterhouse Truck In NY Highlights Animal Cruelty

In one of the latest installments of Banksy’s ‘Better Out Than In’ street art show in NY, a slaughterhouse truck has hit the streets of NY carrying a cargo of squealing and crying plush animals. The display is both playful and disturbing – the plush animals we know from our childhood seem to be crying and squealing because of their pending doom.

Bride’s Bouquets Replaced By Flying Cats In The Latest Wedding Photography Trend

At, cats continue their supreme, unchallenged domination of the internet. The quirky site takes submissions of photographs of brides throwing their bouquets of flowers to waiting crowds of women and replaces the bouquets with cats. Plain and simple.