Most pets hate pet cones (also known as Elizabethan collars), but they're an important part of the healing process for pets recovering from certain injuries or illnesses. But as long as their pets are forced to wear them, these pets' creative owners decided to bedazzle these unwieldy collars with silly and glamorous designs.

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If you've ever decorated your pet's “cone of shame,” we'd love to see it in this list! You can also vote for your favorites as well.

(h/t: 22words)

#1 Batcat

Batcat Report

JuliaWolfe 2 years ago

Brilliantly creepy

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#2 Pixar

Pixar Report

Supergirl127tninja-gal 1 year ago

Hahahahahahahahahahha I'm dead XD

#3 Like A Sir

Like A Sir Report

JanelleMckinley 2 years ago

Jean‑Baptiste Emanuel Zorg lol

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#4 Classy Dog

Classy Dog


SuzyChatterton 2 years ago

My favorite!~

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#6 Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower


Supergirl127tninja-gal 1 year ago

Oh poor thing lol

#7 Martini


Martini Report

2 years ago

For Samson...

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#8 Moustache Cat

Moustache Cat Report

Supergirl127tninja-gal 1 year ago

Giving you the look of hate

#9 Crafted Cone Of Shame

Crafted Cone Of Shame


TinaRuddell 2 years ago

Not a cone of shame. This is Chuck from wearing one of her kids' skirts. And no photo credit.

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#11 Superman

Superman Report

Supergirl127tninja-gal 1 year ago

Secret identity X3

#12 Christmas Cone Of Shame

Christmas Cone Of Shame


captaingrumpy 1 year ago

look at his eyes , you have hurt his feelings.

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