Dog toys are meant to make our pet pups happy, but there are plenty of clever dog toy designs that are fun (or funny) for their owners as well. The funny dog toys on this list will make your dog look like a hilarious doofus, but they won't notice – they'll be having too much fun!

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If you know about a silly dog chew toy that belongs on this list, then feel free to add it and upvote your favorites as well!

#3 Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy Report

Pemberton 2 years ago

There must be such a grumpy old man in the world!

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#7 Funny Pug With His Toy

Funny Pug With His Toy


RogerSullivan 2 years ago

cute, silly...funny...

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#12 Chew Toy

Chew Toy


HipChick 2 years ago

Nice grill.

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#15 Hey Pretty Lady

Hey Pretty Lady Report

GabriellaMichalec 2 years ago

kim kardashian with her new blond hair

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