With around 7 billion people currently living on our planet, it’s quite safe to say that we all have a double (or doppelgänger) out there somewhere. We've seen this happen many times before, but having a double doesn't just apply to us mere mortals.

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Yet it’s not just mere mortals who have doppelgängers. This list of celebrities shows that the rich and the famous are not immune from having their doubles, either. Leonardo di Caprio has a Russian double, Nicholas Cage’s is from India, George W. Bush has one from Vietnam, plus many more. Take a look below, and vote for your favourites!

#1 Brazilian Danny DeVito

Brazilian Danny DeVito

devinrigginsmusic Report

Laury M. 5 months ago

The guy on the right has a Bryan Cranston look about him, too

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#3 Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos

Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos

GallowBoob Report

Quant 5 months ago

Maybe Morgan changed his approach, became a method actor, and now he's preparing for the next movie ;)

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#4 Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

konradannerud Report

AcousticGString 5 months ago

He's in better shape. He's like a young leo circa Titanic days

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#7 Black Matt Damon

Black Matt Damon

myrmadon Report

Joey 5 months ago

Lol thats legit.

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#8 Jeff Goldblum's Indian Doppleganger

Jeff Goldblum's Indian Doppleganger


Jacqueline Lavanchy 5 months ago

Amazing ! I'm sure he's got Indian ancestors !

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#9 Chinese Vladimir Putin

Chinese Vladimir Putin

China Daily Report

Nikolai Sindorf 5 months ago

Like two drops of water, they even wear the same turtle neck!

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#10 Female Jay-Z

Female Jay-Z


Emre 5 months ago

copy+paste :)

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