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Ice-T Cheers Wife On During Heated Online Discussion About Women In 40s Wearing Bathing Suits

Ice-T Cheers Wife On During Heated Online Discussion About Women In 40s Wearing Bathing Suits


Ice-T emerged as a beacon of support for women everywhere, but especially for his wife, Coco Austin.

The iconic rapper and actor proved yet again that he is Coco’s biggest cheerleader by responding to a tweet about women in their 40s wearing beachwear or leggings. His response challenged a world that imposes unwritten rules on what women “should” wear.

Power couple Ice-T and Coco Austin first met in 2001 on the set of a music video

Image credits: Ice-T

The discussion online about women in their 40s wearing bathing suits and bikinis came up after a social media user asked, “Good morning! When you read that 40 plus women shouldn’t be on timelines in beach wear or leggings. Do you agree?”

The tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, generated plenty of buzz in the comments section.

“I strongly disagree with that. Any woman,  any age , or any size should be able to wear whatever she wants,” read one comment, while another chimed in, “Anyone who wants to go to the beach should feel free to do so! If people don’t like what they see, don’t look! Simple!”

Ice-T also got in on the debate and re-shared the initial tweet with his own thoughts.

“My Wife just turned 45.. She’s still Modeling and Killin it daily… I think women hit their stride in their 40s… Just sayin,” the entertainer said.

Ice-T expressed that women truly come into their own during their 40s


People were absolutely moved by Ice-T pumping the internet with support for women and love for his wife.

“Men loving their wifes are so hot I LOVE to see it,” one said.

Many also shared their own similar experiences as they wholeheartedly agreed with the Law & Order: SVU star’s words.

Fans agreed with Ice-T as he dispelled ageist fashion standards

Image credits: Ice-T

“Your wife is beautiful and I’ve never felt better in my late forties,” one X user said in response to Ice-T’s tweet. “Between finally understanding my body and how to actually care for it(being old enough to get the hrt I needed 20 years ago) and stumbling upon the right squad…life is beautiful. Youth is truly wasted on the young.”

“Agreed. My wife is 47 and sexier than ever. You ain’t just sayin brother, you’re preaching the truth. I feel bad for all these other dudes that just don’t get it. Oh well too bad for them. They have no idea what they’re missing out on,” another said.

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