It’s all theories and conjectures before we experience something ourselves. Deeply and personally. And Covid-19 is no exception. It’s no secret that there are tons of conspiracy theories related to the pandemic out there and they can be dangerous to people’s health because they throw safety precautions out of the window. Case in point, rapper Ice-T is married to model Coco Austin and her father, Steve, spent more than a month in the ICU on the verge of death this year. Ice-T’s father-in-law was an anti-masker, but after experiencing what Covid-19 can do to the body he’s become a full-on ‘Covid-believer.’

Ice-T’s initial blunt tweet about Covid not being a game got a bunch of attention (69k likes isn’t bad) and he then started up a fiery discussion among his fans. But the 62-year-old didn’t waste time arguing and simply said what he believes in. Scroll down and check out what he had to say in his own words.

Celebrity expert Mike Sington told Bored Panda that Ice-T isn’t just using his father-in-law to “push” his agenda. He’s using the example to help other people and, potentially, save lives. “Instead of just posting a message about wearing masks, if you make it personal, and talk about a family member that’s been affected, your message is going to have a much bigger and more believable impact,” Mike said. Read on for our full interview with Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike and his insights into Ice-T’s tweets.

62-year-old rapper Ice-T went on Twitter to talk honestly and openly about Covid-19 and health

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He shared what happened to his father-in-law and how his whole life perspective changed in a flash

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His wife’s father, Steve, might be home now, but he’s on oxygen indefinitely


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Some Twitter users expressed their anger at Covid-deniers and anti-maskers

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But Ice-T was more nuanced. In his opinion, anti-maskers are victims in their own right

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And nobody deserves to get ill, no matter their political views

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However, the rapper was realistic about how some deniers would only believe in Covid once they caught it


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Some Twitter users thought that Ice-T ‘using’ his father-in-law as an example was wrong


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Here’s how the rapper replied (the original poster might need some… ice after that burn)

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Ice-T doesn’t think that wearing masks is a sign of weakness

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Here’s what some other Twitter users said

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The rapper ended things with a hilarious tweet to cleanse his followers’ palates (kind of)

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According to pop culture and celebrity expert Mike, “anti-maskers are turning themselves into victims,” like Ice-T suggests. “Latest research shows masks don’t just protect others from COVID, but they protect the mask wearer as well. We keep learning more and more about this new disease, and it’s important to pay attention to the science to avoid becoming a victim,” he pointed out.

It’s not just Ice-T who’s talking about the importance of health and safety during the pandemic. Other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Meghan Markle, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga are huge proponents of wearing masks.

“However, nearly every celebrity is aware of the importance of wearing a mask, and are very careful to do so in public where they may be photographed,” Mike pointed out. “It’s going to be a no-win situation, and any celebrity will receive an onslaught of criticism if they leave their home not wearing a mask.”


It’s all about starting a discussion and saving lives

While celebrities like Ice-T can help spread the word about issues like the pandemic, like the rapper said, Covid-deniers probably won’t change their views until their health deteriorates.

Some of Ice-T’s fans criticized him for ‘using’ his wife’s dad as an example to further his goals. But the rapper was having none of that kind of backtalk: he pointed out that he obviously thinks the topic’s serious to him if he’s willing to draw upon a loved one’s experience.

The rapper also implied that he sees anti-maskers as ‘victims,’ implying that they’re gullible or that they were ‘deceived’ by someone. In this case, Ice-T suggests that US President Donald Trump who’s to blame for spreading misinformation.

The rapper’s father-in-law went to the hospital in Arizona back in June. And even though he’s home now, his lungs have been damaged and he’s on oxygen indefinitely.

What do you think of the entire situation, dear Pandas? Do you think that Ice-T’s tweets will convince others to take basic health precautions? Do you think the rapper was right to talk about his father-in-law’s condition? Let us know what you think.