Have you ever had something happen to you that required a double take and you ended up never really being able to explain what actually happened? Perhaps you found yourself in another curiously unsettling episode of Twilight Zone? There’s a high chance that you’ve ended up with a story that even your closest friends find hard to believe. Fear not—there’s a popular community on Reddit dedicated to such stories called Glitch in the Matrix. So whether you’re after some spine-chilling stories or you need to share an uncanny experience, you have just hit the jackpot.

Some of the glitches could be explained and perhaps you could learn from them, but some of them remain a pure mystery and here is a handful of them. Let us know what you have experienced that made you question reality and maybe even your own rationality in the comments below. If these uncanny stories are your thing, you can check out our previous article here.


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them So this actually happened last week... It just took me some time to come to terms with it...

I got a phone call from my next door neighbour late in the evening asking if I can help him move a mattress into his upstairs. His mom is ill and has a big heavy sleep number bed. I of course ran over to help because they're great neighbours.

I get over there and his friend, who is also a priest, was there to help. I helped them figure out how to separate the mattress from the bed so we could fit it up stairs. We get it all moved up and back in place when my neighbour asks if I can help them move an armoire upstairs too. I think nothing of it and we pull it out of his travel trailer and start bringing it up the front stairs of his house.

This is where I died. The front stairs are 11 steps. I was on the lower end of the armoire about 6 steps up when my neighbour and his friend lose a handle on the armoire and it comes crashing down on me and I fall backwards towards the pavement...

I then wake up in my dining room to my phone ringing and my wife asking me if I'm going to answer the phone. It's my neighbour asking me if I can help move a bed upstairs for his mom...

I go over there and meet his priest friend again, as this has been the first time I met him. I say I can help with the bed but I cannot help with the armoire. My neighbour was like "how'd you know about the armoire?". I then proceeded to tell them I'm pretty sure I just died.

I spent the next hour talking with the priest. He had so many questions. My neighbour didn't believe it until I described the upstairs bedroom in perfect detail down to the metal mattress frame on the floor and the intricate headboard leaning against the wall and I had never been upstairs in their house before.

The priest asked me what I saw after I died. I told him I never actually died. Before it happened I woke up at my dining room table.

TL;DR... I experienced my death but woke up alive about 20 minutes earlier in my life.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them My mom and I were on the highway driving home, and there was a semi truck in the lane next to us. Suddenly the semi swerved in to our lane. Luckily my mom was able to get out of the way before it hit us, but soon after I began feeling strangely. The entire right side of my face felt hot and sticky, I tasted blood, and smelled the very pungent scent of gasoline. Then my head and right arm started to ache really badly, and I couldn’t feel my legs. Just as soon as the pain started to worsen, it went away, replaced with a cold eerie chill. I told my mom about this and she couldn’t come up with an explanation. I think I was feeling the pain in another timeline where my mom wasn’t able to avoid that semi.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them So, this happened about seven or eight years ago. My husband and I were laying in the bed one night, watching television. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a child in the doorway of our bedroom. Thinking it was our only child at the time, I tapped my hubby and said “Hey, shhhh b look, but I think Connor is going to try to scare us ! He turns and looks and this child walked into our room. I can’t explain it, bc it was one of those moments that seemed ... somehow different. We watched in silence, soon realizing that this child was NOT out son. He toddles in, head slightly tilted back, curls bouncing and diaper squish squishing as he goes to the end of our bed.. we see his head go down (like he was crouching) and when we got up to look- he was gone. I looked at chris (my husband) and said “ Did we just see a ghost?!” Then, almost as an after thought, I said “well, we know if we have another baby, and he has curls, that he was here before he was born.” We both laugh, bc We were not trying for another baby at the time. Fascinated, we go to check on our son, and he was fast asleep. A few months later.. I’m pregnant. (Surprise!) So fast forward aNd our new baby, Liam, is two. He toddles in the room, head titled slightly back and curls bouncing, and it hit me like a bucket of ice water.. holy crap, this is the baby that came to visit us! I mean, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind.. now, on top of that, whenever Liam is staying the night elsewhere (like with my parents) he comes to visit me in my sleep .. for example- one time he came and just smiled at me while I was taking a nap.. He was in a little red shirt, and his hair was cut short (he left with it long) the next day I go to pick the kiddos up from mom, and lo and behold- his hair is freshly shorn and he is wearing a little red shirt. I asked my mom “did he wear this yesterday?” And she replies “oh, yeah he did, but he insisted on wearing it today, so he is..”. So, I look at him and say “did you go see momma yesterday in mommas dreams” he just looked at me (he was four) all big blue eyes and serious, and nodded his head.

So that’s my glitch in the matrix story. One of many, but the most profound. Our son, I guess, travels astral, and even stopped to see us before he was born. I would know those curls anywhere. the fact that my husband witnessed it with me makes it even more weird, but utterly fascinating. Thanks for reading and forgive typos please ❤️❤️

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them So I work for a joinery company and was delivering a load to a construction site about an hour away from work, and whenever I'm out and about, I just play reddit compilation videos through my headphones.

I was about 8 minutes into a video when in the middle of the town at a red light, with a bad feeling of deja vu. the video started buffering. I thought it was odd since I had good reception but was just going to wait it out. The light went green, and the video played just long enough to say the word "wait" and started buffering again. I couldn't see anything at all, The road was clear, but I thought I'd listen, looked left, then right again and there was a massive semi at Speed that appeared out of nowhere and ran the red light. It would have taken out the drivers side of the cab, and I'd have been toast if I didn't wait. Definitely reminded me of my own mortality.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them My mom died 13 years ago. About four years ago my dad was on vacation in Arizona with his girlfriend. He said he was up watching tv and the hotel phone rang. He answered it and said it was my moms voice saying “I’m ok” he said he said “Cass?” And he said the phone was crackly and said tell HEATHER (me) I am ok” he said his girlfriend was confused why the phone ring. He immediately called me even though it was late and he was crying. My dad doesn’t believe in the supernatural but still to this day can’t explain that call.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Three days ago I was having conversation with my father and he was telling me about his university life. Basically my dad came from nothing, he had a very difficult up bringing and went to the worst school and high school in our city. When it was time for him to join university, my grandfather passed away leaving my dad to take care for the rest of the family as he was the oldest son. He took a wrong a major because of the wrong advices of the people and how he regrets that to this day. The courses were taught in English which is a second language for us and how he didn't even know the language. My dad told me that it was the darkest times in his life and he just wanted to run away and was even thinking of taking his own life. Now very recently he got his masters in English literature and he was telling me that he didn't think it would be ever possible for him. My dad just recently finished this degree at an age of 55.

The next morning my dad had to drive to this town because his distant relatives live there and they are struggling financially, my dad is very a kind soul and he wanted to help them . The town is 3 hours drive away. He usually takes public transport but didn't because of recent crisis. He drove there and my mom was worried so we decided we will keep calling him after every hour to check. Well i decided to call him , now keep in mind because it's highway network signals get very weak. He told me to wait and parked at a nearby restaurant it was like a check point for trucks. I don't know what came over me but I started crying and went on to tell him how proud i was of him, i just babbled and kept saying that he shouldn't think he is lacking because he is not. He was an amazing father and a great person to look up to.

You guys my dad started crying he told me that he will talk to me when he returns. Well he returned and he just hugged me and was telling me that how 30 years ago he was visiting the same town and it was the time when he was at his lowest. He was visiting the same relatives and he was in a bus which stopped at a petrol station. He called his mother and when he picked the phone without even dialling he heard my voice. It was me telling him the exact same thing which I just said yesterday. He said that he didn't even called my grandmother, he just stood there and cried. It gave him strength to keep fighting. He said he just now realized it was me whose voice he heard.

My parents are now taking this as sign from God who helped my dad when he thought no one was there for him.

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

im listening to weirdcore music while reading these and it's a whole experience

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them My dad drank out of the same black cup everyday. One day he filled up a different white cup. I asked him what gives and he claimed to always have used that cup. I asked the rest of my family and they all said the same thing.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This technically happened last night, but I was just starting a graveyard shift and am only now getting it all down.

I work at a gas station chain with only numbers in its name. We're just outside of a large chunk of suburbs- none if that "middle of nowhere", like we aren't exactly near any other businesses but we are rarely completely dead for hours at a time.

It was just past midnight, and with everything going on in the US right now not a lot of things other than gas stations and bars are open at night anymore so it was a slower evening.

I was the only one in the store and a car pulled up to one if the 2 double-sided pumps out front. Pretty standard white four door. I'm not great with car brands but it was a little nicer, like upper middle class and probably only a few years old.

A woman gets out and starts walking towards our door like she's in a daze. Legit this woman looked like she saw a ghost. She wanders up, sort of freezes at the door for a second with a thousand yard stare before opening it and coming in. She didn't go looking for anything, didn't start shopping, just sort of stood inside for what felt like ages.

Again, bars are still open so I think maybe she's a little drunk or had a rough night or something so I give the usual "Welcome to 'gas station' let me know if you need any help finding anything" and she finally notices me and immediately asks me the weirdest damn question I have ever been asked on the job. "You can see me right?"

"Yeah". Like what else do you say? She breaks down crying in the middle of my store so I'm already headed around the corner to see what's up. I have my cellphone out incase I need to call the cops or something for her.

I get her to sit down on a nearby pallet of soda and I'm grabbing her a bottle of water and after she catches her breath a little she tells me "I thought I had died". Again I'm thinking maybe she is on something but she's a middle aged woman who looks like a standard local suburban housewife. We're a pretty boring township without your average junkies like you'd find closer to the cities.

So she asks if she can call her husband to pick her up and wait with me. She has her own phone and does so, not really telling him anything either just where she is at and if he can come get her. He says he'll call an uber and be there as soon as possible.

We're waiting, so far nobody else has showed up, so I'm keeping most of my attention on her- and eventually she starts to explain to me-

"I was driving home from dinner with my coworkers and as I'm driving through (nearby intersection I recognized) a truck ran a redlight and hit me." Now, her car is still at the pump without a scratch on it. She goes on to say she remembers her car being pushed into a pole, going airborne, and then nothing.

I tried to calm her down letting her know that her car is out front and it looks fine, but she insisted that she completely blacked out, woke up in an ambulance for a split second, passed out again, and then woke up again in the driver seat of her car- at the intersection waiting for the light to change, perfectly fine.

This whole thing freaked her out so badly that she drove to the nearest anything (us) just so she could get out of the car.

Husband eventually showed up to get her. He asked if I had any idea what happened and even though she sort of explained to me I just shrugged because no, I had no idea what was happening anymore. She reluctantly got into the passenger seat of the car and he drove them back home.

That was hours ago, after which I worked an entire shift at the station trying to wrap my head around what the absolute hell I had just witnessed.

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Beatrice Multhaupt
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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I used to think that the whole ''Parallel universes'' thing had been invented by sci-fi writers but turns out that the writers stole the ides from scientists working on a minor aspect of Relativity Theory. The scientists claim that parallel universes are entirely real and my take on why experiences like the one you describe don't happen more often is that we simply filter them out, as in ''It didn,t happen because I didn't notice it''.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them I am a bit shocked.

I had a very good friend who crafted small jewellery and I have a few pieces from her. I got a pair of earrings more than 8 years ago and lost one of it after wearing them just a couple of times.

I always told her she had to craft a replacement but unfortunately she got very sick and died of cancer very quickly, she never had the chance to craft anything else.

I kept the single earring in a little box with some other small random memories and trinkets.

I am now moving to my own place and checking the memories in this little box, both earrings are there and I can’t explain when or how or why.

Probably in other universe my own me lost the unique earring she had.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them I dropped my phone in the kitchen and I looked to grab it off of the floor but it wasn’t there. I heard it hit the floor but I couldn’t find it. It was in the middle of the room too, there was no way it could’ve gone more than 3 feet away from me. I checked under everything and went through the entire house looking for it but it was gone. I had my mom call my phone and it said that my line was disconnected. I checked the Find My IPhone app and it said it couldn’t find my phone because it couldn’t find a signal. That was 4 years ago, and we still haven’t found it. It’s like it hit the ground and immediately disappeared afterwards.

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Xylle Flora
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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

We couldn't find my sister's iPad for years. Then one day I just looked under the couch for no reason. I saw something, so I took it out. It was my sister's iPad in perfect working condition, but we'd thought it had been lost somewhere far away because the Find my Friends app wasn't working. It had been under the couch the whole time.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them My husband recently took an overnights job to help us out during covid. He's only been there about two weeks and works evenings/overnights, 9pm-6am.

Last night was no different, he left home around 8:15pm. Our daughter, age 11, and I decided to make it a movie night. Around 11pm, I heard keys in my backdoor and the usual sounds my husband makes when he comes home. I creep out to the kitchen to make sure it was him, and it was. He told me he needed to grab his knee compression sleeve, walks down the hall, says hi to our daughter as he passes the living room, and goes upstairs. He came back down, gave me a kiss and left again.

We finished our movie and went to bed. In the morning when he got home I made a joking comment about him forgetting his knee sleeve. He was genuinely confused as I recalled the previous night. Our daughter confirmed everything I said and he still was acting confused. I pulled up our security motion camera on my phone to show him when he popped in quick. But there was no footage from the night before, or any other night, of him coming home after he's left for work.

My daughter and I both heard him, saw him, and I touched him. But he was never home during that time. Nothing else out of the ordinary happened that night. We seriously have no idea what happened.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them About 30 seconds ago I was sitting on the couch, as my dog walked by to go sit on her bed we have behind the “L” part of the sectional. She had something small caught in her throat last night, I think a popcorn shell, so I was paying attention to her breathing just to make sure she got it out.

For a few minutes she was breathing fine, and then what sounded like a light snore started happening. This is semi-normal for her depending on what position she’s laying in, so I didn’t bother to go over and check on her. That went on for about 5 minutes, until the most disgusting(and to my now realization, terrifying) snore/cough/wheezing sound started happening. I go over to her to make sure she’s okay, and the exact moment I looked at her bed the sound stoped ‘mid-breath’ and she wasn’t there.

She was outside with my parents, had been for around 30 minutes. There’s no way to get out of the room without walking right past me. I don’t know who’s fucking dog I saw, and what was making that creepy ass sound 5 feet away from me, but I’m going to be staying outside for the rest of the day and hiring an exorcist.

kat22l , Flick Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them The year was 2011.i was in med school while my brother joined engineering college in same brother is 3 years younger to me.

One day i asked him to come to my hostel as it was his free day from college.(he used to come in his free day as he missed family )

We were chatting and having foods while he suddenly asked me about a girl.


Bro- do you remember nisha(altered name for obvious reason)?


Bro-it seems like you have forgotten her.good for you.

Me(visibly confused)-which nisha you are talking about?

Bro(still playing)- don't try so hard know exactly about whom i am taking about. Leave it if that's still hurting you.i shouldn't have bring her up.

Me(thinking that he is pulling my leg,i started to play along)- yeah i remember.i forgot was bitter.i am not in touch with her.

Bro-it is not like that you can be in touch with her anyway..

Me(trying to play along)- yeah.she is probably married by now.

Bro(visibly confused)- now what nisha are you talking about???

Me-exactly the nisha you are talking about..

Bro-leave it then..


After 30 or so minutes after lunch is over

Bro-do you really not remember her?nisha?

Me(tired of this game,agitated)- bro stop this game it's not funny anymore.i am tired of this stupid game.

Bro-what game ?

Me-i don't really know nisha.who is she?

Bro-forget it.

And he left for the day...

I asked mom after few days about nisha.she was distraught when i asked about her.after few mon she told me that she was my gf while i was in school.she was my brothers best friend. she died in a car accident few years back.

I was dumbfounded.i don't even recall her name,face,memory .nothing..

Her memory is totally wiped out from me.

I was disturbed and went back to home where mom showed me a pic where i was with a girl and my brother.i don't even remember the girl.

In some cases of ptsd selective amnesia happens.but that repressed memory can be triggered by related memory.but in this case i didn't even recall her.i was agitated because i don't remember her.

Till this day i don't recall anything.according to family, we were close.i didn't try to ask her family or any other people because it seems insensitive..

Stubbornmortal Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Do you guys know the whole theory about how when people die in one time line, they shift into another? I think that may have happened to me.

Back in early July of this year, my family (M45, F54, Me:19, B16), S(13) were going on a road trip to Montana to visit our grandparents. Prior to the trip, I had a horrible, horrible feeling about going. I kept having flashes of car accidents in my head, and I was sure that we were going to get in one if we left. It was so strange, because I have a pretty severe anxiety disorder, but this didn’t feel like my anxiety at all, and I never have anxiety about road trips: I love them!!

So we left Saturday of that week, I had told my parents I had a bad feeling about driving up there, but they dismissed me as being anxious, but I had never felt so certain about something in my life. Getting into that car felt like signing my death sentence. So we get about 6 hours in, and at this point, I start to think I was being ridiculous, and a wave of calmness just washes over me. This is where shit gets strange. My dad passes an underpass and everything just shifts. I feel like I saw everything in slow motion for a whole 4 or so minutes. My parents were joking beforehand, but their faces moved so slowly, and then the light in the car started to shift. This was the scary part because I thought I must have been going insane. For a few seconds, there was a huge illumination of light into our car, and I looked at my family, and could not tell who they were or what they meant to me. And then it’s like everything just came back. The light shifted back, and I knew who everyone was, but it felt like something imperceptible had changed.

I closed my eyes and tried to make sense of the past few minutes, and when I reached back to remember; I saw blood, our car and another minivan in shambles on the side of the highway right beyond the underpass, and mangled bodies. I remembered sensations I should not have known: what spattered brain matter looks like, the smell of something burning, the way I couldn’t breathe. But this never happened? Yet I remember that the car in front of us had switched lanes even though there was a truck in front of us, realized it at the last second, and hit us with a lateral impact.

I have no history of psychosis, and I have never been in any sort of car accident. This wasn’t PTSD, and I have never had anxiety over being in the car in any sort of way prior to this. And maybe I could have just brushed it off, but I still think about it when I’m driving in my own car. And it’s made me a more cautious driver. I don’t know what happened, it was just a weird situation, and I remember having the distinct feeling in that moment that I had died in some sense. I am not a spiritually sensitive person by any means, I am a scientist at heart, but this truly was something I cannot explain. And I fully accept that I might be reading to much into this, and for some reason, I imagined an event that never happened, but I thought I would share anyway.

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Ok honestly after all of these im kinda starting to believe in alternate timelines/worlds

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This is my first post, so bear with me, but after reading many other glitch stories, I wanted to share mine here.

In early December 2015, my now ex-boyfriend’s mother passed away in the home following surgery and other health problems related to her heart (she was born with a rare condition). Unfortunately she went into cardiac arrest and we were unable to save her, so the event in and of itself was extremely traumatic and unexpected.

A couple of nights later, we decided to go see some friends who wanted to offer their condolences to my ex; everyone loved his mom. We were all sitting in our friends’ living room watching tv and, to be honest, they were really trying to distract us from everything.

One friend was just being her goofy self and I was taking Snapchat videos and I DISTINCTLY remember taking a video of (let’s call her) Amy... I saved the video, but when I looked at my screen to watch it, it was not Amy.... it was a grainy video with a background that appeared to be outside and 100000% not in a living room, but on the screen was my ex’s mom...

She said the words, “I’m okay baby. I’m okay” and multiple other friends saw it on my phone before it disappeared. She looked young and vibrant and has a huge smile on her face. Someone had tossed my phone to another friend across the couch to see and the video then disappeared. When we watched the original video back immediately after, my ex’s mom was gone. It was Amy in the video again just like I saw it while recording it in the first place.

My ex and his mom had a very close relationship, best friends really, so when we saw her on my screen letting him know she was okay... it was astounding.

I saw it first and everyone noticed i was visibly upset. I cannot imagine what went through my ex’s mind and heart when he saw that, but to this day, it’s something we talk about and something he shares with new friends... something we simply cannot explain other than her coming thru in a glitch to let us know she was okay.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Me (M26) and my girlfriend (F25) have been living together in an apartment for two and a half years. Everything has been normal until quarantine started (around 4 weeks ago), when I started noticing some odd things.

For instance, for the last three weeks or so, my GF has been putting sugar in her morning coffee, while throughout our entire relationship she's always been very much against it. It may seem like a small detail, but she's always been complaining about how I don't know what real coffee is since I put quite a lot of sugar. On the first day that I saw her drinking coffee with sugar I asked her why would she do that, and she looked at me weirded out and said something like "What are you talking about? I've always been putting sugar in my coffee". I felt a bit confused for a moment but then we started talking about some other things, so I didn't think anymore about it until the morning after, when she did the exactly same thing, and had once again the same reaction.

Fast forward a few days and another odd thing happened. We were having sex and she suddenly suggested a sex pose that we had already tried once, but it had gone wrong and it hurt her a lot so we had simply decided not to try it anymore. Naturally, I was very surprised with her suggestion, and reminded her about the time when it went wrong, and she just completely dismissed it, saying that i probably mixed her up with some ex-girlfriend or that I was just tripping. We then did the pose and we actually enjoyed it.

Today, the weirdest thing happened, which is the reason I'm writing this post. In the afternoon, I was working at home (I'm employed as a PhD student at the computer science department of a university), when my gf asked me what's up with a guy who I've never heard of before. I asked her who is she referring to and she said "Well, it's that colleague of yours who you always talk about, the one from the company where you are employed at". I froze, and asked her to repeat, and she said the exactly same thing all over again. Then I told her that I don't work at any company nor have I ever worked at any company, since I started a PhD straight after my Master degree. At this point, she also completely froze and we were just staring at each other completely confused and shocked for a few moments. She then asked me wtf is going on and I reminded her about the coffee thing and about the sex pose and that I don't know anymore what is going on. At this point, she started crying too and asked what is wrong with us.

Nor she, nor me nor anyone in both families have ever had any mental problems in the past. We don't know what to do about this.

Can anyone explain what's wrong with us?

horinas69 , Flickr Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them I live in a very small town. We have a small grocery store, hardware store, you know the drill. I was done getting groceries and hopped in my car to head home. As I pulled up to the end of the driveway of the store, blinker on to get onto the main road, I see a big, white, lifted Chevy pickup driving toward me that I need to wait for. I watch it as drives closer to me, remarking to myself that it looks so similar to my husband's, just older and rusted around the edges. It even has the same black emblem and large iron cross bumper. As the truck goes past me my jaw nearly fell open. Staring at me intently was a man almost identical to my husband... but with a longer, greying beard, and grey hair around the ears. I quickly gathered myself together and pulled out behind the truck and up to the stop sign that followed. He was staring at me still in his side mirror. Glancing away and then staring at me again. He took off like a shot the first chance he got, and I tried to follow to see which direction he took, but a car was coming and I couldn't get out behind him in time. The truck sped off toward my road, but I don't know if he turned in that direction or not.

I know that's a little crazy, but I couldn't help feeling the total connection I feel with my husband when I saw his reflection in that side mirror staring at me. It gives me goosebumps to think about it because it was like he knew that I was me, and I was the wrong age, and that he needed to get out of there before i could follow. I got home and my husband was there, working in his woodshop. I told him about it and he chuckled and asked if he looked hot when he was old. I mean.... he did if it was really him!

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Fidgets McGee
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3 years ago (edited) DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Id be seriously tempted to record the date and time, then remind my husband on that day every year to look out for me at that intersection. See if he comes home on that day 20 years later looking white as a sheet...😜

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them So mobile alert . This happened two days ago.

I was at my home because of quarantine and according to me i was sleeping.

When i woke up my mom was looking at me having a very shocked and worried expression and tears in her eyes. She asked me where the hell i was and i said that i was sleeping right here in my bed. She didn't believe me said she checked and i wasn't there.

So apparently, my family woke up in the morning and i didn't come for breakfast, my dad came into my room and just saw the blanket and pillow (i do sleep with blanket on face). Then my mom came to wake me up and took the blanket off no one was there . Then she panicked and told my dad. They searched the entire house and tried calling me nothing worked. Then they asked the neighbours if they had seen me leaving but neighbours couldn't help as well. My mom was very afraid at that point and they called the police and that's when my dad had went to file the report and i woke up.

We called my dad and told him i was back and he wanted an explanation and I couldn't give one. I said i was just sleeping and then i woke up and this whole thing has happened.

I wanted to make it clear that i do sleep with blanket covering my entire body and my mom did made it clear that she took the blanket off and no one was there. We all are very shaken rn.

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This is just what I think of, but yeah: You may have been sleep walking around the house in different parts of your home than where your parents were searching for you. From my understanding, you can only sleep walk and sleep talk when you're in a state near or in REM sleep, so when they called for you, you didn't wake up or simply didn't hear them. Then, when you were nearing your end of REM sleep, you returned to your bed and under your blankets the way you sleep in them. And, of course, the neighbors didn't see you because you were in your house the whole time.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Let me preface this by saying there has always been creepy shit happening around me and I have several stories of my Dad's old house which myself and my siblings all agree is haunted as fuck. I also had my dead best friend visit me twice which was nice.

So this evening, my partner (42 M) and I (30 F) were upstairs sorting laundry, when his daughter (17) called us downstairs as dinner was ready.

I was heading down the stairs, my partner right behind me, literally two steps behind me.

He did his usual thing of tickling the back of my neck as we walked.

The bottom of our stairs is wooden so you can hear when somebody steps onto it from the carpeted stairs. When we got to the bottom, my feet hit the floor as usual. I turned to ask him something and he wasn't there.

He wasn't fucking there.

I totally froze for a second and looked up the stairs and there he was. On the top step, pale and shaking.

Asked him what the fuck just happened and he kept saying

"I don't know, I don't know, I was behind you and before I hit the bottom, the next step took me back upstairs!"

We are very freaked out. Didn't say shit to our girl as she is already leery of this stuff although he and I are somewhat used to it.

I am trying to get the courage to leave my laptop recording audio overnight because there definitely is SOMETHING weird happening.


I was JUST talking to my partner about the jump while we were cleaning our bedroom and the second he made a joke about "Spooks A-Poppin'" our bedroom door and bathroom door just slammed shut one after the other.

I'm chalking it up to our bedroom window being open a crack...I don't want to think of alternatives.


To the people messaging me saying my relationship is "yikes" and to join certain subs (Female Dating Strategy) I appreciate the concern.

To the other eejit who messaged calling my partner a sexual deviant, kindly relax and focus in your own relationship, if you have one. We are together 11years. I'm second Mom to the kids.

Not every relationship with an age gap is abusive. Not every relationship with an age gap is coercive.

I love him and the kids more than anything, and I would DO anything for my family.

So please, I appreciate the concern, but don't assume he is abusive or that I was "groomed" as one lovely person messaged.

And finally, to the person who asked me why I would want to be "fake Mom" to his kids- I'm sorry that's how you view my life from this one small snippet I posted and I hope you are content in your own life.

PotatoPixie90210 , Flickr Report

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Wow that's what those people got from all this the 12 yr age difference? That's not even bad.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Back story, this is important later: for about 9 months or so I was planning to move to California last September. Plans fell through do to financial reasons and other opportunities had come my way.

This happened to me while I was at work closing, so I was completely alone. A customer came in, he was maybe in his early 60’s (I’m 21). I wouldn’t say he looked like me, But he was definitely dressed similar to me, and that’s how I’d expect myself to dress at that age. Kinda old man surfy SoCal vibes. But this guy says “man I need some caffeine, I know it’s late but I’ve been consuming that stuff daily since I was a little kid.” I told him “ME TOO! Since I was about 8 I started drinking coffee” which is a fact about me. This guy continues to talk about how he loves the music I was playing in the store, etc. Then out of the blue this guy says “so I have to ask, why’d you choose not to move to California?”.... I did not mention California to this man at all, I have never met this man, I don’t know who he is or how he knew. None of my coworkers, or really anyone beside my family knew about my plans for California. I served him his drink, and as he walked out he said “you’ll go, maybe not now, but you love that place”... Again, I never spoke about California to him, but he knew I was planning to move there and he knew I loved that place. He walked out and I have not seen him since. I asked my parents and anyone who knew about my plans if they had told anyone, more specifically an older man. They all said no per my request to keep it on the down low. To this day I am still in awe.

sick_mcnasty , Flickr Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them For a bit of context, my eyesight is horrible, even half a foot in front of my face is nothing but blurry color. Yesterday my mom and brother picked me up to go to an appointment. I was running a little late, so didn’t have time to put my contacts in/ do my makeup and was getting ready on the drive.

So while mom was driving I was in the passenger seat with the mirror down. I took off my glasses to apply my eyeshadow. My brother, who was sitting behind me, asked me a question and I turned to look back at him. When I turned my head back around, I quickly finished my eyeshadow and shut the mirror.

I was looking out my window at the farmland just off the road and thinking how beautiful it was when I suddenly realized that I hadn’t put my glasses back on, they were sitting on the dashboard. As soon as I had the realization, my perfect vision went back to being just blurred colors. It was instant, like flipping a switch on my sight. It was so shocking that I yelled “Holy shit!”

My outburst startled my mom and brother, so I told them what had just happened and they said they believed me but couldn’t think of a rational reason for it. We tried to figure it out for the rest of the drive but honestly couldn’t. Tbh, if there’s some secret to magically fixing my eyesight that I accidentally stumbled upon, then I wish I could find it again!

Valkyrjae , Flickr Report

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Maybe the brain forgot for a moment that it couldn't see perfectly... I've heard (have no source, might be modern legend stuff) about people with dementia that suddenly don't need glasses... my grandma ran like 15 meters once before my mum reminded her that she forgot her walking aid 🤷🏼‍♀️

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This just happened, and my heart is still beating like crazy.

I was chilling on the couch, scrolling through instagram, when I heard my cat jumping down from his bed. He usually wants to go outside after sleeping, so I looked at him and said «you wanna go outside, buddy?» with my annoying cat-voice. He just looked at me, not answering, like a normal cat. I was ready to go let him out, but looked back at my phone for just a second. That’s when it hit me. I let him outside a few hours ago. I turned my head to look back at him in confusion, but he wasnt there.

I went to the front door, and yep, he was outside and came running when I opened the door. I have no idea what just happened

phoebecrapbag Report

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François Carré
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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Oh, that one is mundane. Cats are very good at teleportation. They just bother us to open the door for them because it's easier, and they dislike the concept of closed doors anyway.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This happened a few days ago. My husband and I were at home, neither of us were intoxicated etc, just a normal evening. For reference, I'm 5'8" and my husband is 5'7"; we've been together for years and know very well what the other looks like head on. I had gone to the kitchen to make a sandwich, and something felt off. I wasn't sure what until my husband asked if I was taller than usual. I was flat footed and barefoot, but realized my viewpoint was as if I was on my tiptoes - I could see the top of the fridge, and my hips were above the kitchen counter. I turned to face my husband and he seemed much shorter to me than usual; our eyes are usually pretty close to even but they seemed much lower than mine. He says he felt like his height didn't change at all, just mine.

Understandably, we were both freaked out and were wandering around our apartment trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly, everything felt right again and I returned to the kitchen; I could no longer see the top of the fridge and the counter was back even with my hips. My husband returned, and both of us looked "right" again to the other. It was like once we couldn't see each other anymore, it fixed itself.

I've heard of alice in wonderland syndrome before, but for it to happen where someone else can see it seems impossible. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or have any ideas?

Ghost__on__Toast , Flickr Report

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

mk idk what that could be but the first thing i thought of was slenderman/comically tall stick figures. this one actually really freaked me out ;w;

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them Visited my BF's parents in a city where I had never been before. We sat around in the kitchen talking and then his mother asked me to get her her scissors. I got up, went to the guest room dresser, opened the second drawer and got them out. There was no way I could have known where they were.

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

This is a common thing where it's like you remember something that happens in the future but only when the event happens. i.e you got the scissors just then so your past memories somehow remember that you once got them.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This is only a small thing, but it still confuses the hell out of me and I can't think of any explanation.

I was playing fetch with my dog in my living room. I threw the ball, she'd bring it back, you get it. My dog dropped the ball on my foot and waited whilst I leant down to pick it up, but then I blinked and it was gone.

I quickly checked under the sofa, thinking she'd nudged it under there or I'd accidentally kicked it, but it was nowhere to be seen. My dog was still staring at the spot where she dropped it and when it disappeared she looked just as confused as I was and jumped round looking for it.

I scoured the whole room (which wasn't very big) and eventually found it on the opposite side of the room in the middle of the floor, even after I'd looked everywhere. We only had this one particular ball at the time, so we couldn't have mistaken it for another one.

Not particularly exciting, but I can't think of any explanation. My dog was just happy to have her ball back at least.

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

You probably did kick it--I did this sometimes with other things, like, I would bend down to pick it up and then lose my footing and kick the object really hard where I'd see it in a completely different place. The dog might've blinked at the same time as you/didn't see it yeet across the room and also got confused.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them We were all completely sober , quick preface.

I’m currently driving home from my lunch break so I’m using Siri to talk hopefully this makes sense. So back in the summer we had a huge friend trip to Lake Powell. For anyone that has been there you know it’s absolutely beautiful, anyways we were boating through the canyons and going deeper and deeper into the canyons lake Powell.

At one point I thought in my mind something along the lines of “damn, this place is so beautiful it almost looks fake or like it was designed to look this way by something” when I started saying that in my mind, a friend turned around to me and said “dude, it feels like we’re in a movie and we are looking at movie props, it looks so fake” and I turned around and looked and and said “dude what the fuck did you just say? I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING.”

We were both freaking out about it but then it got a little freakier. We were sitting at the back of the boat looking at our 10 or so friends standing up while the boat was slowly going through the canyons, and as I watched them looking at the scenery I experienced an altered state of conscience. The best way to describe it is the façade of the human experience was dropped and all of a sudden my friends looked like gods or angelic beings experiencing “earth” and just enjoying the moment.

My friend turned to me and said, “dude, look at our friends, they’re so beautiful and alive, they look like angels!” And I knew at that moment we were both experiencing the same thing.

The best way to describe what we saw, is it looked like we placed ourselves in a video game and were enjoying what we created. It’s super hard to describe this experience. If you’ve seen maze runner, you know how they make you forget everything before you go into the maze but yet you had an existence before? It felt like that! That nature of reality teased us and slightly withdrew, and we saw our friends and this earth for what it could truly be for a brief moment in time

EDIT #1. I heard a story of a man who experienced something similar where at random times he also would "tap in" to this outside reality whilst being sober. He came up with a theory that human consciousness and our Brains can act like a Needle finding the groove on a vinyl record. Once we tune it specifically and find ourselves in this "groove" music can be played, or in other words, we can start experiencing some fascinating things. I have to find where I read this though, but supposedly it happens randomly to a lot of people!

Branden_the_Dj Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them This has to be the strangest thing to ever happen to me, I discovered it a few months ago and it's played on my mind because I have a lot of health problems too.

Last year my dad passed away, we visit the graveyard quite often and go to various family members graves.

It's a Muslim Grave yard, so they usually have the fathers name and other details on the gravestones.

Near my uncles grave, the one just in front of it has my name on it, my name is spelt a little differently to the common spelling, it was exactly like mine on the gravestone, first and last names.

It's got the same birth date as me.

To add to the strangeness, My dad (who also has an uncommon spelling to his name) was from a small village in Kashmir. On the grave it has the name of the persons father, my dads name with the uncommon spelling.

On the gravestone is stated that the father is from a village, guess where the person's father was from? Yep, the same village.

It's really weirded me out, I know people from that village and contacted them to see if anyone heard of this person other then my dad, no one seems to have heard of him.

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3 years ago (edited) DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

My ex, my son, and I were on a road trip. When we stopped for gas, I went into the restroom first while he pumped gas. He waited until I returned, so my 3 year old son didnt wake up alone. We never deviated. Once he didn't wait for me to return. We left the restrooms together. My son was awake, but wasn't crying. He was looking at something in the seat next to him. When we shouted his name, he turned. He was calm and content, we could feel his sense of peace. He told us my ex's father came to keep him company so he wouldn't be afraid. He said this calmly with absolute certainty. My ex's father died 10+ years before. His father was a kind man; sensitive and comforting who would have sat with a sleeping child while others were away. My ex was not my son's biological father. When asked, my son repeated what he said before. He told my mother-in-law, his step grandmother, she was certain he was telling the truth.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them I went out, parked in front of a store, bought a 6pack of water and went to register nr2, paid with change.

Half an hour later, I remembered I wouldn't be going out anytime soon again so I decided to buy more water, and everything happened in the exact same order, I parked at the same spot, entered, bought a 6pack, register 2 is free, same girl working there, I even paid with same amount of change coins. She looked at me with a bit of horror and confusion but couldn't see me smiling under my mask.

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People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them It's 8:10 and I'm still eating dinner as I write this, I am not intoxicated. As I'm eating cheese sticks I hear a crackling of the kitchen floor but I don't hear anyone moving around. I keep eating and a few moments later I swear my dog was just at the side of the table begging for food, now when we got this dog from the pound she was BIG, we had to slim her down we used to call her "Keg" but every Christmas I would give her a little bit of what I'm eating just a little "gift".

I think she showed up this Christmas :) I'm still in shock because it was so vivid but I'm happy.

BlaitGT , Flickr Report


People Share 30 Creepy Unexplainable Things That Happened To Them It’s the weirdest shit. I was going through my photos and deleting some pictures for the sake of space and every so often I’ll come across a pic of me with that shirt on. Then I’d go “I loved that shirt what happened to it?”

It’s impossible that I left it somewhere in public and forgot to take it home because this happens to tshirts and long shirts! I don’t recall a single moment I’ve taken my shirt off in public forgetting i that I left the house with clothes on and just go home without a shirt, that would be ridiculous!

czw5377777777 , Flickr Report

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3 years ago DotsCreated by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I lose clothes all the time. I'll just walk up to my mom like "wheres my pair of jeans i bought last week" her: "idk where'd u put it?"

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